Monday, January 23, 2006


Hey Mr. Bush, what are you trying to do, cover your back as all ways? I forgot you have your pack rats out there looking for the pictures for you. WHY DO THEY MATTER? What is it that you would like to tell us? I forgot, you dont tell us anything. Maybe the pictures you are looking for might. Good Luck in finding them.
The White House keeps records of all meetings with the President.The White House has no record of the Coushattas or Abramoff at the May 9, 2001, meeting, spokeswoman Erin Healy said but now we know.
Three attendees who spoke to TIME recall that Abramoff was present, and three of them say that’s where the picture of Bush, Abramoff and the former Kickapoo chairman was taken.”
Lovelin Poncho, who was Coushatta tribal chairman at that time and attended the meeting, also recalls meeting with Bush for about 15 minutes. “Poncho recalls Abramoff also attende, said the lawyer, who spoke on condition he not be named.
At think Progress you can get all the facts about this President and his staff being caught in a lie.
Why dont we impeach him now and get it over with before the Summer comes.

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