Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Once again another report shows that old King George was not on his post again. Like 9/11 when King George set for 7 minutes after learning that America was under attack. To add to that, we've found out about reports that were flying around the White House that King George and his Administration never even took to heart. The report was in reference to Al-Qaida and Usama Bin Ladin preparing to use airplanes to blow up American sites.
Now we hear that the NISAC paper warned that a storm of Katrina's size would "likely lead to severe flooding and/or levee breaching" and specifically noted the potential for levee failures along Lake Pontchartrain. It predicted economic losses in the tens of billions of dollars, but that didn't faze old King George. What did he do? Oh King George continued on with his travel plans and his golf game in sunny California.
Three days after Katrina, King George suggested that the scale of the flooding in New Orleans was unexpected, even though he knew about the possible devastation and the warning that was given to him. America, King George lied to us again. Now his pack rats are not commenting on the lie.
Wake up America, how long are we going to let this man, sleep on the job, then lie to us and when caught lying, lie to us some more. I'm sorry America, but King George has got to go!

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Ed Dickson said...

I enjoyed your read. I am also a former Semper Fi dude.

Keep up the good work.