Friday, January 27, 2006


What are the Democrats doing in the Senate? Nothing, and boy do I mean nothing. You can say that they oppose Alito and that Kennedy and a few others come on TV and we hear their bites, about how much they are against this or that. But what does that talk mean, when they cant even get enough of their own members to pull off enough support for a filibuster on Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid admitted on Friday he and fellow Democrats lack the votes to block President George W. Bush's nomination of conservative appeals judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court.
"Everyone knows there is not enough votes to support a filibuster," Reid said, referring to the procedural roadblock that some Democrats said should be used to put off a vote on Alito.
"I think it is an opportunity for people to express their opinion as to what a bad choice it was to replace (retiring Justice) Sandra Day O'Connor" with Alito, Reid told reporters after a speech at a Washington hotel.

Alito, a federal appeals judge since 1990, could push the nine-member high court to the right. O'Connor, a moderate conservative, often has been the swing vote on the court on abortion, civil rights and other social issues.

The Democrats in the Senate, seems to be a party of scary little kids, making noise and running to hide when King George finally push them in a corner, when they would have to put up or shut up. Anytime an important bill or situation comes to the Senate floor, Reid and his herd seem to stampede away from the fight when it matters. They cant seem to hold enough votes to even filibuster or talk any Republicans to follow their lead. You dont lack the votes Sen. Reid you and the Senate Democrats lack the nerves.

Should we as voters of the Democratic party even show up in November for this type of party. I hear that Democrats cringed and Republicans jeered at the awkwardness of Senator John Kerry's gesture, which almost no one in the Senate expects to succeed. John Kerry called for an Alito filibuster. Where was Reid? Where was the Senate Democrats?

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