Thursday, January 12, 2006


The question for this week is Why do we sin?

Do we sin because we are human?

Do we sin because we know , we can ask GOD to forgive us?

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Shirley said...

Why do we sin? We sin because it is in our nature. We are born in sin, and we have to constantly struggle to keep ourselves from sinning. The easy way is to just go ahead and do it, but as Christians, we must "fight the good fight". We aren't asked to do anything to gain our salvation except reach out and take it, but we have to struggle every day to keep it. The good news: God sent us His Holy Spirit to help us in that fight. As for sinning because we can ask God to forgive us, it doesn't work that way. Yes, he will forgive us, and we need to ask that forgiveness every day, since we sin without even knowing it at times, but if we deliberately sin because we figure He will just forgive us anyway, He will stop listening. We have to have a sincere heart, and deliberately doing what He tells us not to doesn't fit that category.