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Today is Wednesday and like most wednesdays, my familty and I have our own little Bible Study.
Tonight, the question was asked; Is it right for God to intervene in our life?
We tried to answer this question by looking through the book of Job, Proverbs and Jonah.

I thought that I might incorporate this type discussion in my blog. Now what I will do on every Wednesday, is take all comments to the question and post them and I will not make any comment at all on what anyone has to say. I will just post your comments the following day and that's it.

Now the question for this Wednesday; Is it right for God to intervene in our life?


I tried to make just one of my points to a conservative by given him the information to prove just why he was wrong. He didnt' take time to read the facts, the references that I gave.
If you read my last post, you will see just how long it is, and normally I dont post that much information. I thought that by just this one subject being long enough and the possibilty that he would not read it all. I would stop there and see what would happen.
Well let me tell you, this conservative lived up to par, by telling me that I was dumb, incapable of understanding him or explaining myself.
I'll just list our comments and let you enjoy. This started when I posted; JUST WHAT ARE CONSERVATIVES WATCHING AND LISTENING TO OUT THERE.


You just figured out that we are in a war...I guess you don't miss anything.
The majority of causalities are being caused by terrorists and insurgents. Do you know how many deaths and murders and rapes occur in America? And we're not even in a war zone. Do you know how many people died in the tsunami last year? 200,000 people died. Do you get the picture now? Do you know how many people died under Saddam Hussein? No, no one does because mass graves are still being discovered; another one was discovered yesterday. SO according to you it was OK for Saddam to kill hundreds of thousands of people torture hundreds of thousands of people but when 30,000 people die in an attempt to establish a democratic state, then you get upset. Listen your fake conviction and selective outrage only proves that your disdain for Bush blinds you to reality and turns all accomplishments into nothing. Where was your feigned outrage when Hussein was torturing hundreds of thousands of people and committing genocide? Answer me that? All of a sudden death shocks you... go with the sheep my friend because you stand for nothing but weak attacks on a President

I next posted in reference to his comment; GET THE FACTS


Thanks for stopping by but you dodged the questions and you passed blame onto Rumsfeld for Saddam Hussein gassing Iran. It's typical but it's still a dodge. You have a very interesting way to look at the world. Fighting the spread of communism was the wrong thing to do? French President Chirac met with Saddam as well as top French officials to allow Saddam to steal from the Iraqi poor. They encouraged Saddam to continue as is because they would veto any UN resolution for war. Blame Reagan, Bush, Clinton, America but not Saddam. That’s very typical and frankly not worth my time. You have yet to make a point and you have yet to make sense. Maybe you could answer the questions but I doubt it.


Your logic amaze me. If you would have clicked on to the sites I reference, most of your statement would not be necessary. Anyone who read the reference would know that Rumsfeld is not all to blame. Reagan, other countries and the American people who, didn't raise a voice, not even now, are also to blame. Saddam is guilty of his crimes and should be punished by a court of Law. But, when our administration is guilty, shouldn't they to be judged. I mean you judged Clinton on lying to a Grand Jury. You seem to be stuck on death and other countries and not seeing what our country has done. You sound like my kids, trying to blame the others wrong doing to justify theirs. Wake up, America is not innocent. Yes death occur all around us everyday, that's life. Sometimes nature is the cause and sometimes other people are the cause of many deaths for many reasons and when that happens we all as a people of the human race should pull together and help others- affected by natures events, accidental and through a court of law, judge others who have violated or caused deaths and punish them in what ever way agreed to. There's a song that says Lord you came from Heaven to the Earth just to show us the way and I just feel that we as a human race have not found that way. I've had my share of Military Service and just as others and possibly you, I've seen my share of death. I believe that if there's a reason for a war, then find. Bring it on, but when there's no reason, then dont.We cant go around the world overthrowing a leader or a dictator, because he is wrong or doing his people wrong. If that is the case then Iran, China and a lot of other countries should be on our list.It's kind of funny, but most of the people who feel that we should go to war for this or that, are the people who have never seen combat or got out of serving when they had the chance.Now I find that most college student today, who are for this war are not in line to sign up to fight as others. If you can say that you believe in this or that, then go fight for this or that, be it a war or what ever.

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Here's a comment that prompt my title for this post.

You just figured out that we are in a war...I guess you don't miss anything.The majority of causalities are being caused by terrorists and insurgents. Do you know how many deaths and murders and rapes occur in America? And we're not even in a war zone. Do you know how many people died in the tsunami last year? 200,000 people died. Do you get the picture now? Do you know how many people died under Saddam Hussein? No, no one does because mass graves are still being discovered; another one was discovered yesterday. SO according to you it was OK for Saddam to kill hundreds of thousands of people torture hundreds of thousands of people but when 30,000 people die in an attempt to establish a democratic state, then you get upset. Listen your fake conviction and selective outrage only proves that your disdain for Bush blinds you to reality and turns all accomplishments into nothing. Where was your feigned outrage when Hussein was torturing hundreds of thousands of people and committing genocide? Answer me that? All of a sudden death shocks you... go with the sheep my friend because you stand for nothing but weak attacks on a President.

I'll just give you the site and some of what is said from those site. Then please I would like for this person to comment again, OK?


Documents Reveal: When Saddam used chemical weapons in 1980's, US sent Rumsfeld to make sure IRAQ knew that US wouldn't let ghastly events effect US/IRAQI bussiness relationshipsRumsfeld Made Iraq Overture in '84 Despite Chemical RaidsBy CHRISTOPHER MARQUIS

Published: December 23, 2003

WASHINGTON, Dec. 22 — As a special envoy for the Reagan administration in 1984, Donald H. Rumsfeld, now the defense secretary, traveled to Iraq to persuade officials there that the United States was eager to improve ties with President Saddam Hussein despite his use of chemical weapons, newly declassified documents show.
Mr. Rumsfeld, who ran a pharmaceutical company at the time, was tapped by Secretary of State George P. Shultz to reinforce a message that a recent move to condemn Iraq's use of chemical weapons was strictly in principle and that America's priority was to prevent an Iranian victory in the Iran-Iraq war and to improve bilateral ties.
During that war, the United States secretly provided Iraq with combat planning assistance, even after Mr. Hussein's use of chemical weapons was widely known. The highly classified program involved more than 60 officers of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who shared intelligence on Iranian deployments, bomb-damage assessments and other crucial information with Iraq.
The disclosures round out a picture of American outreach to the Iraqi government, even as the United States professed to be neutral in the eight-year war, and suggests a private nonchalance toward Mr. Hussein's use of chemicals in warfare. Mr. Rumsfeld and other Bush administration officials have cited Iraq's use of poisonous gas as a main reason for ousting Mr. Hussein.
The documents, which were released as part of a declassification project by the National Security Archive, and are available on the Web at, provide details of the instructions given to Mr. Rumsfeld on his second trip to Iraq in four months. The notes of Mr. Rumsfeld's encounter with Tariq Aziz, the foreign minister, remain classified, but officials acknowledged that it would be unusual if Mr. Rumsfeld did not carry out the instructions.
Since the release of the documents, he has told members of his inner circle at the Pentagon that he does not recall whether he had read, or even had received, the State Department memo, Defense Department officials said.


According to a New York Times article in August, 2002, Col. Walter P. Lang, a senior defense intelligence officer at the time, explained that D.I.A. and C.I.A. officials "were desperate to make sure that Iraq did not lose" to Iran. "The use of gas on the battlefield by the Iraqis was not a matter of deep strategic concern," he said. One veteran said, that the Pentagon "wasn't so horrified by Iraq's use of gas." "It was just another way of killing people _ whether with a bullet or phosgene, it didn't make any difference."
Now consider just how deceptive the recent comments from the White House are. In late September spokesman Ari Fleischer said that British Prime Minister Blair's dossier of evidence is "frightening in terms of Iraq's intentions and abilities to acquire weapons." A few days later, while making his case against Saddam, President Bush said "He's used poison gas on his own people." Bush deceives because he hides the fact that US officials, including his father, had no qualms about helping Saddam gas Iranians. What is truly frightening are the US policies toward Iraq, the cover ups of those policies, and the US officials who personally profit in the millions of dollars from those policies. To whatever degree Saddam is a tyrant, he would not be that without the US government.
The question is not whether Saddam is willing to use chemical or other weapons of mass destruction again. The question is whether the US is currently selling and helping countries use weapons of mass destruction.
Details about Iraq killing Iranians with US-supplied chemical and biological weapons significantly deepens our understanding of the current hypocrisy. It began with "Iraq-gate" -- when US policy makers, financiers, arms-suppliers and makers, made massive profits from sales to Iraq of myriad chemical, biological, conventional weapons, and the equipment to make nuclear weapons. Reporter Russ Baker noted, for example, that, "on July 3, 1991, the Financial Times reported that a Florida company run by an Iraqi national had produced cyanide -- some of which went to Iraq for use in chemical weapons -- and had shipped it via a CIA contractor." This was just the tip of a mountain of scandals.


According to information obtained by the AGWVA, there is irrefutable evidence to show that the Unites States government provided and encouraged Iraq's use of chemical weapons. The United States Department of Commerce and The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) provided at least 80 shipments of biological agents that were not attenuated (or weakened) and were capable of reproduction. These shipments included such virulent agents as Anthrax, West Nile Virus and Clostridium botulinum (S.R.103-900, May 25, 1994, pg. 264). The AGWVA also found it very disturbing to learn that on December 19, 1983, the Middle Eastern envoy who carried a handwritten note from President Reagan to Saddam Hussein, to "resume our diplomatic relations with Iraq" was none other than our present Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. (while he was President of Searle Pharmaceutical at the time)

A PBS Frontline episode, "The Arming of Iraq" (1990) detailed much of the conventional and so-called "dual-use" weapons sold to Iraq. The public learned from other sources that at least since mid-1980s the US was selling chemical and biological material for weapons to Iraq and orchestrating private sales. These sales began soon after current Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad in 1985 and met with Saddam Hussein as a private businessman on behalf of the Reagan administration. In the last major battle of the Iran-Iraq war, some 65,000 Iranians were killed, many by gas.

Stop trying to justify this President by attacking others and get the facts about your Republican party, and this Administration.


Less than 24 hours of my last post, I've already recieved a comment by a Conservative, who disagree with the clip.

I watched but what was this video supposed to prove.
This old video does not account for recent Iraqi polls that states more than 70 percent of Iraqis see hope for Iraq and that more than 80 percent want a democracy. There is no civil war and the claim the video made in reference to a civil war is false.

My conservative friend check out these sites, if you dare:,1,5037359.story?coll=la-headlines-world&ctrack=1&cset=true

Here's some real information for you and your 70% and 80%.

Gunmen raided a house in southern Baghdad on Monday, killing three people, police Capt. Qassim Hussein said. Gunmen attacked the house again when police arrived to remove the bodies, wounding two officers, police said.

Gunmen in Baghdad killed a civilian driving his children to school and a professor in separate shootings, police and a hospital official said.

Gunmen abducted a Sunni police colonel in Diyala province who was a member of a Sunni political list in the parliamentary elections, said a politician on the list, Dr. Abdulalh Al-Jubori. Also in Diyala, a car bomb targeted the governor, killing a body guard, and gunmen killed a member of Diyala city council, authorities said.

Attackers blew up an oil pipeline south of Samara, 60 miles north of Baghdad, Sunday night, police Capt. Mohammed Hasan said. The pipeline has been a frequent targget of insurgents, he said.

At least 19 people were killed across Iraq on Monday, a day after bloodshed claimed 18 lives, part of an increase in violence since a relative lull in attacks around the Dec. 15 vote.

A suicide car bomber slammed into a police patrol in the capital, leaving three dead, officials said, and a suicide motorcycle bomber rammed into a Shiite funeral ceremony, killing at least two people and wounding 26, said Maj. Falah Mohamadawi of the Interior Ministry.

Four other car bombs killed at least two people and wounded 15, officials said.
Gunmen killed five officers and wounded four at a police checkpoint 30 miles north of Baghdad, a morgue official in Baqouba said.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace said Sunday that the number of U.S. troops in Iraq could increase next year, not decrease, if the insurgency continued

Do you get the real picture now? Just what news are you guys getting out there.
I recall Charles Krauthammer being the spinner, apologist for Bush, saying incircumventing, President Bush didn't break the law. Bush error didn't add up to a crime.
Give me a break and give all America a break, about how you dont see this war for what it is and how you cant even see a crime, when there really is a crime. You conservative are taking blind as a bed bug to a new level.
Like the comment I made on your site, but just changed to fit the flavor. Just you keep with the nick, nack, patty, wack, following Bush lies around, and see how impeachment will bring King George down.

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Matthew 1:18-25
Now the birth of Jesus Christ took place in this way. When his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child of the Holy Spirit; and her husband Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame, resolved to divorce her quietly. But as he considered this, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, "Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit; she will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins." All this took place to fulfil what the Lord had spoken by the prophet: "Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel" (which means, God with us). When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him; he took his wife, but knew her not until she had borne a son; and he called his name Jesus.
Merry Christmas America!

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Not all the King horses, Nor all the Kings men, are going to put King George back together again.
Well, well, well, I see that our old friend Tom Daschle has come home to roost. It seems that Tom Daschle's disclosure challenges a central legal argument offered by the White House in defense of the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. It suggests that Congress refused explicitly to grant authority that the Bush administration now asserts is implicit in the resolution.


From Peace Takes Courage


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In order to find out the what, a book is required. Our Book for this purpose will be The Holy Bible. Our subjects will be the Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes. Now in order for everyone to understand this what, the people of our times are needed. Our people of today will be The Neo-cons, The Rich, The Politicians and the Right-Wing Conservatives.


Pharisees comes from the Hebrew parosin, which means specifier, which means they tried to specify the meaning of Gods law to the people. We would classify the Right Wing Conservatives to these people.

Sadducees comes from Zadok, who was a priest during the time of David and Solomon and its name comes from Hebrew saddiq, which means The Righteous. We could classify The Neo-cons, The Rich and The Politicians in this class.

Now we will talk about the Scribes who took over the job of the priest during the Hellenism period, because the priests turned their attention to the paganistic culture, and the scribes took over and became the teachers of the people. Any or all people of today can be classifed as scribes.

Most all Pharisees were scribes, as was Paul and his family.
The Sadducees were people of wealth and with influence, but they went and got consent from the pharisees in matters of religion and rights.

Now to get to the point. To some degree all three of these groups opposed Christ and his teaching and yes they received condemnation from him.
Ask yourself this question, would Jesus want you to agree with a party who gives back to the rich?
Would Jesus want you to give back to the people who already have and ignore the poor?
Would Jesus want you to not honor your Mother and Father?
Why then would you allow others to put a drug program out there, that no one understands and then give the Drug Company the option to over charge your Parents. Would Jesus approve of this?
Would Jesus want us to value the secular democracy in another country and not value it in our own country?
Take a close look at the Bills that have been passed in our Congress and Senate. Do you really think that Jesus would look at this and say. This is good and fair to my people.
Are you really concerned about others as was Jesus or as a theocrat you just want control over all in this Country and others?
Would Jesus take away from College Students, by given them outrageous interest on their student loans to satisfy Banks.
Would Jesus make older people pay a co-pay to satisfy the Doctors and the Medical Field?
Would Jesus want you to destroy a land, so that our rich oil people could get even richer?
Don't think they are concerned for our well being. By going to Alaska to drill for oil, will not help you, but it will put more money in their pockets.
Would Jesus be proud of you because you are keeping more of your hard earned money and not letting it go out over this Country. That money could help feed kids who otherwise, would go to school hungry and stay hungry because their lunch program has been cut?
Would Jesus say that by cutting back on money to help collect from dead beat dads, so the family that he started could be taken care of, is a good idea?
Would Jesus be happy with what he saw in New Orleans after Katrina?
Would Jesus want to know what you are doing to help others.
Could you have been the good SAMARITAN?

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This is Philip Del Ricci's blog, I'm giving him this space because he was very understading to my problems at my site. So please feel free to click onto Philip's site and enjoy.

Hey America the way things are now, I know you need a little peace and comfort. So remember when problems of life gets just a little to much, and everything seems to be happening to you and around you, just keep walking in faith and pray for God to show you the light to your way to peace and comfort.

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I was going to post later today, after Bushs speech, but after reading some of the comments from my last post on Bush and the NSA and the illegal eavesdropping. I just could not rest in peace until I could just speak my mind.
My Republican friends, Mr. Bush is not the King of this Country, he is President and he has no more of a right than any other President of past, to ignore the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to authorize eavesdropping on terrorism suspects.
Mr. Bush has no right to give any Service authority to wiretap American Citizens, for the sake of protecting them from anything without legal authority and I have not heard any legal authority from this man.
I'm sorry to have to burst your bubble, but Mr. President you should read and get out more often. What you did was illegal Sir, you have violated the law and justified it with the fact that you are President.
Yes, you are President of the United States, not King of the United States and when your term is over, you will be former President of the United States, just another citizen, who was once President, not King.
Now the President stated that he has briefed key members of Congress on the program a dozen times. He stated that classified programs are typically disclosed to the chairmen and top-ranked minority party members of the House and Senate intelligence committees.
Which now makes you wonder, which minority members of the House and Senate intelligence committees knew about this and why have they not come out to say they knew of it.
If this is true that they knew, then they to are guilty by association and should be in the dog house right with King Bush.
But Mr. Bush has not said that they knew of this illegal action, he only left out there that he brief them on such matters not this matter.

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Mr. President, you ask for permission to. Oh no, Mr. President, you tried to demand your way through the House, and you did. Before you could demand your way through the Senate, the New York Times and one of your close nit people within your Administration spilled the beans on you finally.

You had a Patriot Act, to do your dirt for four (4), years and you wanted more. More time to look at our library cards, medical records without a subpoena and all the information you wanted on certain groups and organizations.

I understand that Mr. Frist was ready to do your bids, until he found out that, not even the republicans was going to let you have your way.

I'm still some what worried about The New York Times waiting over a year to break this story. It makes me wonder what else is lurking out there that you and your boys have done in the dark all in the name of Safety for Americans against terrorist attacks.

Mr. Bush, Congress, Senate and America, it's time for this man to go. He no longer needs to be our President because he is just to dangerous for our health and well being.

Just take a look back at the last five (5), years and you'll see that this man has done nothing to better our Country. He's gotten a lot of kids killed over a War that didn't need to be. A war that was brought on by lies. He's put a lot of kids in hospitals with no arms, legs, feet, some blind, some with mental problems and others out there trying to deal with the VA and the mess he's caused there with under funding and just not caring.

Just how much longer or we and the press going to keep silent with that, you are for us or against us mess. How much longer are our House and Senate going to let this man do the job that we elected them to do.


Watch Sunday, as the spin and talking points come out in compliance of Bush and the crime that he has committed for the last three (3), years. Since October of 2001 the President with the advice and consent of a few Congressman, the Justice departments Attorney General and his legal Council committed a violation to Americans Fourth Amendment and the American People.

Now I've already heard that some folks are saying that no crime was committed, because as always he blamed it on the War or 9/11. Well I'm sorry Mr. President, no War or any President in America, can come before the fourth amendment, which protects the rights of Americans against searches, such as the ones that you are allowing the NSA to conduct.

The law governing clandestine surveillance in the United States and over seas, prohibits electronic surveillance not authorized by statue. And to do so is against the law Sir.

According to the law, Mr. President, a government agent and or President can avoid prosecution if surveillance is part of official duties and authorized by and conducted pursuant to a search warrant or court order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

I doubt that such competent jurisdiction were ever met in this case, as is with any other type procedures you and your administration has conducted.

Am I to be considered worthy of such action by you and your secret police, because I'm not agreeing with what you have done?

Will this Congress investigate such actions that you've conducted on your own people for the sake of, what you call protecting us against Terror?

I'm willing to bet, that the spin will start tomorrow and the last word said will be, if you can't see how the President actions, has kept us safe for the lash four (4), years against terror, then you must be against us.


Today I watched as Senator Reid complained on the senate floor about the $452 billion for the Military, being held up because the Republican Congress decided to tack on the drilling in Alaska bill.

We American Democrats are getting use to this Congress passing anything that the President wants and any thing that the rich wants. Come November of next year, Democrats should get off their lazy butts and vote this Congress out.

If This Congress and Senate are still in office for another term, then we as a Country are in very big trouble. People get with Move On or some other organization to help get Americans out to vote, to get this Congress and Senate out!

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I take offense when other blogs go after the President's children, I don't think that they should be brought into what ever the President is doing or not doing.

Mr President why would you have a No Child Left Behind Act out here and not let the parents of children in schools know that this law allows the schools to give the phone number and address of the students to recruiters?

Mr. President why didn't you let the parents know that they had the right to inform the school in writing that they do not wish to have their child's name and address given to recruiters?

Would you feel OK with the fact that recruiters could call your children without your permission? Oh I forgot, you're the President and they can't call your children right?

The School system should have this listed some where in their code of conduct, but most parents just don't read such information and I think that's just what the White House wants. Just thinking that my child's information is sent to the Defense Department is just not acceptable.

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"It's time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge he'll be commander-in-chief for three more years. We undermine the president's credibility at our nation's perril." This is the type of talk that has put Lieberman in the front row seat as new Defense Secretary.

I feel that some time next year Mr. Lieberman will be our next Secretary of Defense because Donald Rumsfeld is on his way out and this War will get even worse. See my other site for details.


Friday night I notice, just how the home computer has taken over the life of the new generation. As I stroll through my house on the way to the kitchen, I first passed by one bedroom, where a lap top was being used. As I got near the kitchen area, I notice that the computer in the family room was being used also. In the family room was three young people, one was doing college assignments that was due in three (3), days and I wondered why she would be there doing assignments, another was there watching the other person on the computer. I quickly left that area, when I heard, "Dad has it on his Microsoft publisher". After my visit to the kitchen, I glanced back in the family room and a conversation was going on about Team Dopamine and The University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I notice also that the three people in that family room were all waiting to get some time on that computer. I also noticed that the television was on but no one seemed to be watching.
Later, I made another trip to the kitchen and in the family room my two (2), sons were playing some type of game on the Computer and just before I was ready to let them know to call it quits for tonight, they were on the Computer at some science site discussing the planets and how old a person would be if they could live on Saturn as oppose to earth.
Now about five (5), months ago, my youngest son had a lab top that he really misused and ended up in the trash and about two (2), months ago I had given another computer away, so at some time this year there were five (5), computers in my home and now with only three, it don't seem to be enough computers to go around for these folks.
How did my Family of young folks in up, so in need of computers?

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After yesterday, I started to think about the three tax packages our Congress made. Now the $7.1 billion package for Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama is a tax exempt bond for their own rebuilding. This I think is good for the people in those three states.
What got under my skin was the fact that the Bush Administration opposed this tax cut because it exempted Country Clubs, Liquor Stores and Casinos. Can you believe that?
Now the $153 million tax package allows our Military to use their combat pay to claim the earned income credit.
The $31.2 billion tax package, which affects the middle class lately, is suppose to prevent the rich from dodging taxation, known as alternative minimum tax.
Today It broke my heart to hear that our Congress passed the $56 billion tax package on dividends and capital gains, which will cost the Treasury $20.6 billion through 2010.
I still can't understand how this type tax cut will help the economy or deficit. If someone could explain this to me, please do so.


According to DNC Fact Check, President Bush was the first person to say that we could not win the war in Iraq on NBC, The Today Show on August 30, 2004. So before you conservatives start with your talking points on Howard Dean, I suggest you check out DNC FACT CHECK.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


When you watch a talk show and someone brings up a fact about an African American being violated by whites, you always hear a white comment about how Whites are tired of hearing that same old song about African Americans being violated.

Well I will suggest to any one that is White to walk a day or month in the shoes of an African American and you will see that they are being violated by whites on a daily basis.

Just recently Wal-Mart called deputies to one of its store and had Mr. Reginald Pitts an African American apprehended after he handed over a $13,600 check to pay for 520 gift cards that were to be given to employees at GAF Materials Corp. Black employees stated that others (Whites), had done the same type transactions all that same day, but when Mr. Pitts tried to make the same type transaction, he was apprehended.
The company had been spending $50,000 a year on Wal-Mart gift cards and never had a problem when it sent white employees to pick them up. GAF Materials now has decided to buy its gift cards from Targets.

So before you say that phrase about how sick you are, of hearing African Americans talk about bias, just think of how tired they are, of actually going through this bias every day. FULL STORY


Read Full Story

There are some numbers. The History News Network at George Mason University has just polled historians informally on the Bush record. Four hundred and fifteen, about a third of those contacted, answered -- maybe they were all crazed liberals -- making the project as unofficial as it was interesting. These were the results: 338 said they believed Bush was failing, while 77 said he was succeeding. Fifty said they thought he was the worst president ever. Worse than Buchanan.

This is what those historians said -- and it should be noted that some of the criticism about deficit spending and misuse of the military came from self-identified conservatives -- about the Bush record:

He has taken the country into an unwinnable war and alienated friend and foe alike in the process;

He is bankrupting the country with a combination of aggressive military spending and reduced taxation of the rich;

He has deliberately and dangerously attacked separation of church and state;

He has repeatedly "misled," to use a kind word, the American people on affairs domestic and foreign;

He has proved to be incompetent in affairs domestic (New Orleans) and foreign ( Iraq and the battle against al-Qaida);

He has sacrificed American employment (including the toleration of pension and benefit elimination) to increase overall productivity;

He is ignorantly hostile to science and technological progress;

He has tolerated or ignored one of the republic's oldest problems, corporate cheating in supplying the military in wartime.

Quite an indictment. It is, of course, too early to evaluate a president. That, historically, takes decades, and views change over times as results and impact become more obvious .

It seems that Mr. Bush is trying hard to insure that history is kind to him, but the only way for this to happen, is for him to change course and get those hawks and conservatives out of his ear!