Saturday, December 17, 2005


Watch Sunday, as the spin and talking points come out in compliance of Bush and the crime that he has committed for the last three (3), years. Since October of 2001 the President with the advice and consent of a few Congressman, the Justice departments Attorney General and his legal Council committed a violation to Americans Fourth Amendment and the American People.

Now I've already heard that some folks are saying that no crime was committed, because as always he blamed it on the War or 9/11. Well I'm sorry Mr. President, no War or any President in America, can come before the fourth amendment, which protects the rights of Americans against searches, such as the ones that you are allowing the NSA to conduct.

The law governing clandestine surveillance in the United States and over seas, prohibits electronic surveillance not authorized by statue. And to do so is against the law Sir.

According to the law, Mr. President, a government agent and or President can avoid prosecution if surveillance is part of official duties and authorized by and conducted pursuant to a search warrant or court order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

I doubt that such competent jurisdiction were ever met in this case, as is with any other type procedures you and your administration has conducted.

Am I to be considered worthy of such action by you and your secret police, because I'm not agreeing with what you have done?

Will this Congress investigate such actions that you've conducted on your own people for the sake of, what you call protecting us against Terror?

I'm willing to bet, that the spin will start tomorrow and the last word said will be, if you can't see how the President actions, has kept us safe for the lash four (4), years against terror, then you must be against us.

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