Saturday, December 17, 2005


Mr. President, you ask for permission to. Oh no, Mr. President, you tried to demand your way through the House, and you did. Before you could demand your way through the Senate, the New York Times and one of your close nit people within your Administration spilled the beans on you finally.

You had a Patriot Act, to do your dirt for four (4), years and you wanted more. More time to look at our library cards, medical records without a subpoena and all the information you wanted on certain groups and organizations.

I understand that Mr. Frist was ready to do your bids, until he found out that, not even the republicans was going to let you have your way.

I'm still some what worried about The New York Times waiting over a year to break this story. It makes me wonder what else is lurking out there that you and your boys have done in the dark all in the name of Safety for Americans against terrorist attacks.

Mr. Bush, Congress, Senate and America, it's time for this man to go. He no longer needs to be our President because he is just to dangerous for our health and well being.

Just take a look back at the last five (5), years and you'll see that this man has done nothing to better our Country. He's gotten a lot of kids killed over a War that didn't need to be. A war that was brought on by lies. He's put a lot of kids in hospitals with no arms, legs, feet, some blind, some with mental problems and others out there trying to deal with the VA and the mess he's caused there with under funding and just not caring.

Just how much longer or we and the press going to keep silent with that, you are for us or against us mess. How much longer are our House and Senate going to let this man do the job that we elected them to do.


John said...

You do know that both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi signed off on this and have admitted to being briefed about this right? You should hold the House and Senate equally responsible. Unless of course you're just another one of the rabid Bush haters.

dolphinfan said...

The only people who we spied on were the ones who had known connections to terrorist networks. So my question for the congressmen who are upset is are you not for the safety of the American people or are you so pious that you feel you can jeopardize a top secret operation because you don’t feel that you were informed enough.

I wonder why they call it top secret, oh yeah because no one is supposed to know about it.

Semper Fi said...

Whereas I can appreciate your Christian position and advocacy of the new commandment, I think you need to realize that there is an enemy, some of whom are right here in the United States, hell-bent on eradicating you and your religion from this earth.

If a bit of eavesdropping on phone calls and emails of those terrorists who are so inclined to either chop off your head or blow Atlanta back to the Stone Age prevents them from carrying out their attacks, so be it.

As long as the Second Ammedment is still in-force, average Joe and Jane Citizen have nothing to fear from the surveillance.

Please make an attempt to think things through versus having a knee-jerk, lemming-like parroting of the liberal left who still don't have a clue that we are engaged in World War III.

J. J. said...

You seem to have daught the attention of the conservatives. They are really up in arms about this, supporting the president. Everyone I know is outraged. Republicans as well as Democrats. Don't let them get you down. Speak the truth, which acts on republican conservatives like a bright light does to cockroaches. The ethics of the republican party is in the spotlight, and they don't like it. Shine on you crazy diamond. Light the way! You do have supporters.