Saturday, December 10, 2005


Friday night I notice, just how the home computer has taken over the life of the new generation. As I stroll through my house on the way to the kitchen, I first passed by one bedroom, where a lap top was being used. As I got near the kitchen area, I notice that the computer in the family room was being used also. In the family room was three young people, one was doing college assignments that was due in three (3), days and I wondered why she would be there doing assignments, another was there watching the other person on the computer. I quickly left that area, when I heard, "Dad has it on his Microsoft publisher". After my visit to the kitchen, I glanced back in the family room and a conversation was going on about Team Dopamine and The University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I notice also that the three people in that family room were all waiting to get some time on that computer. I also noticed that the television was on but no one seemed to be watching.
Later, I made another trip to the kitchen and in the family room my two (2), sons were playing some type of game on the Computer and just before I was ready to let them know to call it quits for tonight, they were on the Computer at some science site discussing the planets and how old a person would be if they could live on Saturn as oppose to earth.
Now about five (5), months ago, my youngest son had a lab top that he really misused and ended up in the trash and about two (2), months ago I had given another computer away, so at some time this year there were five (5), computers in my home and now with only three, it don't seem to be enough computers to go around for these folks.
How did my Family of young folks in up, so in need of computers?

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