Friday, October 24, 2008

Can Palin Answer A Question Without Talking Points?

Video from Daily Kos

Brian Williams asked Gov. Palin a simple yes or no question: "Back to the notion of terrorists and terrorism, this word has come up in relation to Mr. Ayers -- hanging out with terrorist – domestic terrorists. It is said that it gives it a vaguely post uh 9-11 hint, using that word, that we don’t normally associate with domestic crimes. Are we changing the definition? Are the people who set fire to American cities during the ‘60’s terrorists, under this definition? Is an abortion clinic bomber a terrorist under the definition?". See Oxdone Gazette

Palin went all around the question and brought up Bill there some type of talking point that includes Bill Ayers with every answer?

Why don't she talk about the fact that her husband Todd Palin, who was registered in October 1995 to the Alaska Independence Party, a radical group that advocates for Alaskan secession from the United States...what would she categorize Todd as?

There is something about the McCain ticket that rubs a lot of Americans the wrong way and for McCain to pick Palin as his running mate, tell some Americans that he is not handling his campaign in a logical way...what say you?

Let me say that if you have not seen it already, you've got to check out Robert Rouse, That’s My Take #12

Monday, October 20, 2008

Do They Need A Hug Or What?

Before I say anything, I wish that others would visit FRANIAM and see the hate this country has sunk too.

S.W. Anderson at Oh!pinion provided this link of a polling place in North Carolina where voters were harassed by McCain supporters.

ACORN, thanks to McCain and the Republican party, has started to receive voicemail from some Americans. I first thought that maybe they needed a hug, but I decided that hate cannot be swept away with a hug. These two voicemails are from
People For the American way.

What say you?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

An Additional $37 Billion Dollars For AIG?

Video From: VoiceOfAmericans2008

I told you that I was not the smartest man out here, but there is something seriously wrong when we hear about AIG and another $37 billion dollar loan from the Treasury. A week after the government bailout. AIG is reported to have at the cost of $443,343.71 spent or paid this amount for their executives at a retreat in California.

Rep. Cummings said, "AIG spent $200,000 dollars for hotel rooms. Almost $150,000 for catered banquets. AIG spent $23,000 at the hotel spa and another $1,400 at the salon. They were getting manicures, facials, pedicures and massages while American people were footing the bill. And they spent another $10,000 dollars for I don't know what this is, leisure dining."

Today as reported by CBS.

The Federal Reserve has agreed to provide insurance giant American International Group with a loan of up to $37.8 billion, on top of one made to the troubled company last month.

This even after the Bush administration stated "it was "despicable" that AIG executives spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a posh California retreat just days after getting the $85 billion bailout."

Just what does this say to Americans when we are told that an additional loan worth billions were being given to this institution for the bailout, what say you?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Olbermann's Special Comment On Gov. Palin

Olbermann gave a special comment on Gov. Palin. He talked about Joe Vogler and Palins husband and the secession they seeked for Alaska, and how Gov. Palin read an infinity number of news papers.

Palin said that she had heels on and taking off the gloves, trying to be the hatchet person to smear Obama, yet she does not seem to realize exactly what she and McCain holds in their dirty little closets.

She seems to forget about Pastor Muthee, the witch doctor chaser and the layer of hands and prayer for her.

This seems to be about smear and not what anyone will be doing to help with our economy, you know the one, that Bush was is in charge of, the one that McCain seemed to favor de regulations over regulations for our financial institutions.

Where are we headed America and how long will we continue to eat up the smears instead of trying to get someone in the White House that might help this country, what say you?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I Guess It's Just Me That's Dumb!

I know that I am not the smartest man in the world, so I need a little help to understand this bailout.

How can our House, Senate and President take the advice of a Secretary Of Treasury, who has been a CEO not just once but twice?

How can they take the money Americans give to our Government to run our country then give $700 billion dollars to Wall Street, who will loan tax dollars back to us for Homes and cars, then charge us interest on our own money?

It is also said that the $700 billion dollars will be borrowed from other countries and our kids at some point will have to pay it back. Now what sense does that make, what say you?

Since I wrote this post I read Thomaslb post called Math. Thomaslb explains it like this: "A $700 billion dollar bailout divided by a population of 301,139,947 comes to $2,324.50 per person.

Of course, not every person works. In 2007, roughly 138 million Americans made enough money to pay taxes. $700 billion divided by 138 million comes to $5,072.46 per wage earner.

The government recently handed out $600 checks to every taxpayer in order to stimulate the economy. Logically, what will sending out bills for more than eight times that amount do?"