Sunday, December 11, 2005


I take offense when other blogs go after the President's children, I don't think that they should be brought into what ever the President is doing or not doing.

Mr President why would you have a No Child Left Behind Act out here and not let the parents of children in schools know that this law allows the schools to give the phone number and address of the students to recruiters?

Mr. President why didn't you let the parents know that they had the right to inform the school in writing that they do not wish to have their child's name and address given to recruiters?

Would you feel OK with the fact that recruiters could call your children without your permission? Oh I forgot, you're the President and they can't call your children right?

The School system should have this listed some where in their code of conduct, but most parents just don't read such information and I think that's just what the White House wants. Just thinking that my child's information is sent to the Defense Department is just not acceptable.

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