Wednesday, December 21, 2005


In order to find out the what, a book is required. Our Book for this purpose will be The Holy Bible. Our subjects will be the Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes. Now in order for everyone to understand this what, the people of our times are needed. Our people of today will be The Neo-cons, The Rich, The Politicians and the Right-Wing Conservatives.


Pharisees comes from the Hebrew parosin, which means specifier, which means they tried to specify the meaning of Gods law to the people. We would classify the Right Wing Conservatives to these people.

Sadducees comes from Zadok, who was a priest during the time of David and Solomon and its name comes from Hebrew saddiq, which means The Righteous. We could classify The Neo-cons, The Rich and The Politicians in this class.

Now we will talk about the Scribes who took over the job of the priest during the Hellenism period, because the priests turned their attention to the paganistic culture, and the scribes took over and became the teachers of the people. Any or all people of today can be classifed as scribes.

Most all Pharisees were scribes, as was Paul and his family.
The Sadducees were people of wealth and with influence, but they went and got consent from the pharisees in matters of religion and rights.

Now to get to the point. To some degree all three of these groups opposed Christ and his teaching and yes they received condemnation from him.
Ask yourself this question, would Jesus want you to agree with a party who gives back to the rich?
Would Jesus want you to give back to the people who already have and ignore the poor?
Would Jesus want you to not honor your Mother and Father?
Why then would you allow others to put a drug program out there, that no one understands and then give the Drug Company the option to over charge your Parents. Would Jesus approve of this?
Would Jesus want us to value the secular democracy in another country and not value it in our own country?
Take a close look at the Bills that have been passed in our Congress and Senate. Do you really think that Jesus would look at this and say. This is good and fair to my people.
Are you really concerned about others as was Jesus or as a theocrat you just want control over all in this Country and others?
Would Jesus take away from College Students, by given them outrageous interest on their student loans to satisfy Banks.
Would Jesus make older people pay a co-pay to satisfy the Doctors and the Medical Field?
Would Jesus want you to destroy a land, so that our rich oil people could get even richer?
Don't think they are concerned for our well being. By going to Alaska to drill for oil, will not help you, but it will put more money in their pockets.
Would Jesus be proud of you because you are keeping more of your hard earned money and not letting it go out over this Country. That money could help feed kids who otherwise, would go to school hungry and stay hungry because their lunch program has been cut?
Would Jesus say that by cutting back on money to help collect from dead beat dads, so the family that he started could be taken care of, is a good idea?
Would Jesus be happy with what he saw in New Orleans after Katrina?
Would Jesus want to know what you are doing to help others.
Could you have been the good SAMARITAN?

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J. J. said...

Fantastic approach. I think that any true Christian, faced with these questions, could only come to the same conclusion. And on a side note, did you know that Brazil is only 10% dependent on foriegn oil for fuel? The gas stations in Brazil must carry pure ethanol in addition to gasoline and diesel fuel, by LAW. They get it from sugar. A renewable fuel, with government sanction. This technology is HERE, NOW. No research is needed. Merely a few fermentation plants. And 100% of the new cars in Brazil must be Flex-Fuel vehicles. This technology is ready, off the shelf stuff. But our President has just given the auto and oil industries another TEN YEARS to "research" alternative fuels. This is making the vested parties VERY rich and very happy. Would Jesus approve? I think not. Keep the Faith, and the writing coming. This is important work, and the opposite number never stops to rest. Much like the devil. You are in the right, and never let the detractors convince you otherwise. My Faith is my Armor and my Shield. SEMPER FI!