Monday, January 30, 2006


Today I heard that Bob Woodruff an anchor for ABC news and a cameraman, Doug Vogt were both injured in Iraq. I pray that they both have a speedy recovery and make it back home safely. The last I heard was, that they were in Germany.
My mind keeps coming back to their injury and the fact that so many other Americans are in harms way and I pray that they to come home safely to their families.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 our President will give his State of the Union address and I'm just waiting to see and hear this side show. Bush never seems to let me down. With this Country in the shape that it's in, Bush will find a way to make things seem sweet and running smoothly.

I don't care if you are Republican or what ever party you affiliate yourself with. If you have half a brain that is functioning just a little, then you know that we as a Country, under George W. Bush leadership, are going through a lot of difficult days.

Republicans always find a way to say that this is bad or that is bad, because of Bill Clinton. Well Bill Clinton is no longer in office, George W. Bush is. As a matter of fact, when Bill Clinton left office, we had a lock box of money, the deficit was paid down and everything was just great. Now today while George W. Bush has been our President, we are $8 trillion dollars in debt. Now how can you blame this on Bill Clinton?

This President, with the advice of PANC and the neocons, most of whom have never even been in a war and found ways to keep from serving. Advice Bush to go forward into Iraq and take his eyes off of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the people who really attacked our great Nation.

We went into Iraq with no plans on how to get out. Now we are stuck in a mess that this President is responsible for. He and other Conservatives just kill me, when they bring up the fact that, to leave now would cause all kinds of problems in the Middle East. Well I hate to have to be the one to burst your bubble, but just what do you think is going on right now in the Middle East?

In Iraq, which is among the least secure and most economically fraught countries in the world, the Dec. 15 elections brought into Parliament a set of powerful Shiite fundamentalist parties and a new force, the Muslim fundamentalist Iraqi Accord Front, which gained most of the votes of formerly secular-minded Iraqi sunny Arabs. Some IPP politicians are suspected of strong ties to Iraq's sunny insurgency. In Egypt, last fall's election increased representation for the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood from 17 to more than 70 seats in Parliament, making that group a key political player for the first time in Egyptian history. Decades ago, the party once assassinated a prime minister and attempted to assassinate President Gamal Abdul Nasser, but now maintains it has turned to moderation. It aims at the imposition of a rigid interpretation of Islamic law on Egyptians, including Egyptian women.

Now Hamas, or the Islamic Resistance Movement, a branch of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, has come to power in Palestine. In his press conference on Thursday, Bush portrayed the Palestinian elections in the same way he depicts Republican Party victories over Democrats in the United States: "The people are demanding honest government. The people want services. They want to be able to raise their children in an environment in which they can get a decent education and they can find healthcare." He sounds like a spokesman for Hamas, underlining the irony that Bush and his party have given Americans the least honest government in a generation, have drastically cut services, and have actively opposed extension of healthcare to the uninsured in the United States.

So lets stop with this mess about what would happen, when it's has already happened because of our presents in Iraq.

When this President gives his speech Tuesday, I hope that he tells us why the Military can see fit to reduce the Reserves and the National Guard, then why the Army has forced about 50,000 soldiers to continue serving after their voluntary stints ended under a policy called "stop-loss," but while some dispute its fairness, court challenges have fallen flat.
The policy applies to soldiers in units due to deploy for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The Army said stop-loss is vital to maintain units that are cohesive and ready to fight. But some experts said it shows how badly the Army is stretched and could further complicate efforts to attract new recruits.
Now tell me how can you say that you will reduce the Reserves and National Guard, while at the same time, you don't have enough personnel to complete the mission right now.

When you make this address to the nation tell us about Abramoff, even some of your own Republican party members wants to know your involvement with him.

Mr. President I hope you explain why Conservative Christian allies of the president are pressing the U.S. foreign aid agency to give fewer dollars to groups that distribute condoms or work with prostitutes. The Bush administration provided more than 560 million condoms abroad last year, compared with some 350 million in 2001. President Bush's $15 billion effort to fight AIDS has handed out nearly one-quarter of its grants to religious groups, and officials are aggressively pursuing new church partners that often emphasize disease prevention through abstinence and fidelity over condom use. Award recipients include a Christian relief organization famous for its televised appeals to feed hungry children, a well-known Catholic charity and a group run by the son of evangelist Billy Graham, according to the State Department.

You no longer bring up Katrina, after you found out your lies would no longer work on your Republican friends and that you were in sunny California playing golf, when everyone had told you that things would be bad there. But Mr President to make matters worse, a new report is out now about your FEMA Deparment. Hundreds of available trucks, boats, planes and federal officers were unused in search and rescue efforts immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit because FEMA failed to give them missions, new documents show. Now explain this at your address to the Nation.

Now at your address to the Nation explain what Scott McClellan ment when he said. As I indicated, clearly, the al Qaeda leaders and the terrorists are on the run. They're under a lot of pressure. We do not negotiate with terrorists. We put them out of business. The terrorists started this war, and the President made it clear that we will end it at a time and place of our choosing. Excuse me, but if Bush could put al Qaeda "out of business" at a "time and place" of his "choosing," then why has he not done so already? It seems El Presidente is not as omnipotent as McClellan suggested. Does McClellan think about the true meaning of the words he utters? That's a rhetorical question. This was from David Corns blog and I concur with him. Mr. President, why is it that some one from your pack rat Administration are always talking mess for you.

Now, that Medicare plan that I hear Abranmoff, might have had something to do with, is a big mess. Medicare's $728 billion prescription-drug program was supposed to bring relief to seniors and subsidize our country's neediest beneficiaries. There would be a "seamless transition," to the new program for low-income seniors, promised Mark McClellan, chief of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The actual roll-out has been an unmitigated disaster.
Many of the sickest and poorest beneficiaries nationwide are going without life-sustaining medication because of program failures, misinformation and confusion.

The federal government has botched the roll-out of one of the most-expensive entitlement programs ever, and the frail elderly are paying the price in pain, aggravation and tears. Congress should rethink the program and fix flaws inherent in the overly complicated program. The situation has grown so critical that, last weekend, the Bush administration ordered private Medicare drug-plan insurers to cover an emergency 30-day refill of prescriptions and cap co-pays for low-income seniors at $5. It isn't known if this will work. Earlier, CMS had directed pharmacies to provide the refills and bill Medicare. Yet many pharmacies refused because they either didn't get the notice or didn't trust that they would be paid. How bad is it? Consider that 20 states have intervened to subsidize drugs for low-income beneficiaries who can't get their prescriptions covered under the new program. Florida should join the effort. Otherwise, poor seniors will be left out on a limb by the Medicare program until the crisis is resolved. Among the most vulnerable are those who qualify for Medicare's low-income drug benefit, which is supposed to pay up to 95 percent of prescription-drug costs. This group includes seniors eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare. Are you going to talk about this and not lie your way through it.

I will not bore you any longer, but there's so much to cover about this man and the mess he has put our Country in. I'll just say this. Go to, PROTEST and see where others might be protesting this State of the Union.


J's Girlfriend said...

Just a small layout tip: centered text and long paragraphs make your blog harder to read, esp. with long posts. Best reserved for poems and the like.

But good point about US healthcare; nice to know your country, lead by a supposed Christian, is taking care of its neediest, isn't it...

Half the point of being a Christian is supposedly loving others enough to share your riches with them. Bush obviously didn't pay much attention in Sunday school...

Jill said...

Yeah, I wonder why we dont pay closer attention to what is going on, not only here but around the world. Do we have our collective heads in the sand?