Thursday, January 19, 2006


For the past week or so, I've been reading other blogs and not really posting a lot in reference to what has been going on in our great country. Well I can't hold my peace any longer, so here I go again.

If you think that we have a President right now, then you are sadly wrong. The man that holds that seat right now cares nothing about you. He listens only to his pack rats, who controls the oil and run the big business that we all work so hard for.

Mr. President, why wont you let the People know who Jack Abramoff visited at the White House? What are you hiding now?

This is like Niger and the lies that was told to us, the American People. Why didnt you or one of your Neocons read the report. You have caused a lot of lives over a War that did not have to be Sir.

You seem not to know what exactly is going on in your white house, this country or the world, and yes, you are getting some really messed up information from some one.

Mr. President, your Prescription drug plan is a mess, just like every other thing you try, after getting advice from the neocons. Things that you try are hurting the people of this country and you dont seem to care until the news and your polls start to fall.

Remember Harriet Miers? Sir you let the Evangelical Christians and your Right Wing Conservatives talk this woman out of your pick for Supreme Court nominee.

As I recall, it's not for others to choose, but you Sir. You never even let her get to the Senate Hearing, so they could advice and consent your nominee.

Mr. President dont you know that for the first time in 155 years The Marines Sentries at the Naval Accademy are being sent to a War?

Then behind that, some nut has come up with the assumption and talked you into cutting the National Guard to save money, so that you can build more ships.

Your Pentagon even have the nerve to say that if a soldier buys his own Dragon Skin Armor, then he will lose his SGLI Death Benfits.

Oh Sir, who in their right mind would actually call you the President for the people.

I even hear that this War that you started will now cost us over $2 trillion and that's not what you led your Republican supporters to believe.

You got the NSA to spy on American citizens and we let you. You're letting the epa do as they please, no matter how much it hurts the poor inner city neighborhoods.

You even gather the names of our kids at the Pentagon in your computers, so that when they become the age that you might need them to fight another war, well they are sitting right in your computers for you to call on as needed.

I hear that you might renege on McCains torture ban and come January 31, 2006, you are going let us know that you are planning to ask for additional cuts from Congress to save your economy.

Now what kind of a President would treat his people the way that you treat us.

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a rose is a rose said...

you've crystalized my thoughts (and spoken them far better than i ever could)