Monday, January 02, 2006


I said last week that I would start posting the comments that I received on the question that I ask on Wednesdays. Well I never received a comment to post last thursday. I just received one yesterday, so as promised, I will not comment on it myself, I'll just repeat the question and post the comment.



Semper Fi!Is it right for God to intervene in our lives?I foresee a trick somwhere,you have something up your sleeve!The logical answer is YES of course,He is God,we are His creations to do with what He wants.Millions beg God daily to intervene in their lifes,when they should be giving thanks for what they have.There are few poorer then I yet this is my prayer,would love your comment(all true)I pray that others will find the joy in living I that I have discovered.I pray that others may join me in Giving thanks for what I have,not wish for what I do not.I pray others will be inspired by my events,and from them take new understanding.I am disabled barely able to walk with a cane,near blind,deaf in one ear.I suffer from Fibromylogia, I have contacted Hep-C,I just had a CAT scan and a spot of Adenoma was discovered.I have twice beaten cancer,this maybe the third strikeI suffer from PAD,my feet and legs are swollen to three times their normal size and leave me in excruciating pain.I have been stabbed eight times,suffered two gunshot wounds.I have had over 40 broken bones in a dozen different incidents.I have lost the use of my left eye(knife)and right ear(kicked)I live in poverty,needing to beg from food banks in order to have enough food to live.I live in isolation,needing "away time"to heal,yet I am never alone,for He is with me, one more thing I give thanks for.I was sexually abused by a teacher/boyscout leader as a young teenager.I was a pallbearer at four,attendant at 3 others of my schoolmates funerals before the age of 17,which perpared me for death of love ones.I lost a son,my one and only, to SIDS,taken at just 12 weeksI lost a wife,my one true love to a neurological disorder.I very recently lost my friend and lover to an overdose.I was found"dead" of a drug overdose,yetI am ALIVE! I SURVIVED! I DO NOT HAVE AIDS OR HIV(a miracle in it's self)I AM HAPPY!I HAVE THE LOVE OF MY FAMILY!I HAVE THE LOVE OF JESUSPRAISE THE LORD!Thank you Lord,for leaving me alive at all,for the roof over my head,( have been homeless) the porridge I had for breakfast and will again for supper ( no lunch) for the gift of this computer( it was a gift from my daughter,reunited by His Hand) and thank you for the company of my cat,I was lucky,her children all found good homes.It ia a wonderful day!Though the skies might be gray,and the air cool,I bask in the glow of His love and am warmed.Thank you Lord,just for being You!a wonderful blog,I will return!

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