Saturday, April 01, 2006

Conservatives Without Conscience

The title of John W. Dean III, new book Conservatives without conscience is exactly what we saw yesterday with the Senate Judiciary Committee. Lets Talk.

The three-hour hearing that Sen. Specter and his Republican hackers of anyone going after this President, showed yesterday that anything this President say or do will be backed up by this Senate.

It's time for this Senate, as well as the Republican control House to go. Yes anytime you have a President who lies to a Country about everything for the past 6 years and is caught, but continue to lie, because he has a control house, and senate, that will protect him in any and all ways possible, no matter what. Shouldn't this let you know America, that it's time for such people to go.

Charles Babington wrote, in the Washington Post, that the Republicans defended Bush to varying degrees, sometimes so vigorously that witnesses could not finish their sentences.

America, we have a Republican, conservative House and Senate running this country and allowing this President. Who seems to be a liar at worst, to continue to lie to you about whatever he wants and you can't do anything about it to stop him, and that's the bottom line.

By you standing by and allowing this man to lie to you, you are the cause. Yes, you America are the cause.

You are the cause to why our young men and women are being killed in a war that was started by choice and a lie. You are the cause to why most seniors are still catching it with this over price medical drug bill and system that they are faced with.

This President lies, even fooled AARP just long enough to get this prescription drug program off and started.

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, who rejected the comparison of the President's surveillance operations to Watergate, must have went over how to destroy these panel members with Hatch or someone, because he really went after Dean.

What Graham should have done was try to find the truth, and see if this President is worthy of such loyalty by this party, but to attack others who disagree with this President's actions makes this hearing no more than just a joke.

Yes a joke, put on by the Republican Senate to show that nothing can be done to this President, so dont even try, as long as they, the Republicans are running things. ha, ha, ha!


WAT said...

Dear Larry:

I caught you on another blog, and am oinclined to believe you are a fair just moderate like myself that has had it with what is goin on in NEOCON AMERICA today.

As a gay man, both sides: the ignorant lazy left and powerful religous nut right make me quite sick.

Where is the fair balance that so many of us are seeking, but are not being heard?

WAT said...

And oh yeah, excuse my typos...

WAT said...

Well yeah, my supposed State of the Union speech I noticed later does have its idealistic strange flaws. I know in trying to be "fair" I'd alienate someone I guess. But anything would be better than Bush, and on that I know we agree.

Just Another republican said...

I don't buy into the whole "lets vote democrat becasue the current adminstration lies" Bush lied. Clinton Lied. Bush SR lied. Regan lied. Carter lied. Etc.. Show me the meat of the Democrat policy before I pass my vote. When you have Democrats like Kerry who say wonderous things like "I voted for it before I didn't" It makes a person think hard about someone who has a policy that may or may not be the best above someone who says "My policy is against whatever they're doing" When the Democrats draw a line in the sand stick a flag behind it and say 'this is what I'm for, and this is how I plan to do it' let me know so I can re-evaluate their position.

LETS TALK said...

I dont buy into the vote democrat or republican theory myself. I feel that the best man or woman for this country is the person that we as Americans should vote for.
Lord knows that we have voted this party thing for to long and to be honest with you, there needs to be another party.
I'm tired of both parties and now I'll just vote for someone that I feel will take this country in it's best direction.
Someone who looks out for the people and not just the big oil/businessman.