Thursday, April 06, 2006


All the King horses and all the Kings men, seem to lie, and cheat for King George over and over again. Let's Talk.

Well, it seems that George Bush has been caught in another lie. On September 30, August 8th, and August 30, 2003, this man lied to us over and over again.

It seems that he told us that he knew nothing about nothing and after the dust has settle, he knew everything.

He set up his administration to leak classified information, and told us that he knew nothing about leaks from the White House, and if he found out who leaked anything, they would be fired.

The only way this has come to light is that a court document was released today that brought all of this out.

This is both the President and the Vice President leaking or giving authority for someone to leak classified information for political reasons. When you tell one lie, they must continue to cover others. This man lied about why we went to war and had to get someone to destroy the truth to cover up reasons for his lie.

America, look at what you have put into the White House, and you have a nerve to talk about Clinton.

Not all the King horses, nor all the Kings men, will be able to keep King George from telling you another lie, to get out of this lie again. Some President.

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