Saturday, April 29, 2006


Bush submitted the spending request to Congress, for more than $300 million for construction of permanent bases in Iraq. Did you know that America, Lets Talk.

Bush has also argued that the bill from the war can be paid by a growing economy. While he's correct that the U.S. economy has grown, it hasn't kept pace with a skyrocketing deficit. During his time in office, Bush has presided over a 46 percent increase in the federal debt, from $5.6 trillion to $9 trillion. Given this dire situation, it's hard to see how Bush can argue that the long-term costs of the Iraq War, estimated at $1-2 trillion, can be paid for by future generations.

This is the fault of every American who believed his lies for this war. Just think if a honest President was in office during 9/11, Osama would have been caught or killed.

More than 11,000 terrorist attacks occurred worldwide last year, killing 14,600 people, as networks inspired by al Qaeda but often not directed by the group spread, the State Department said on Friday.

I'm tired of talking about this President and what he has done to this country and the deficit. Just click the photo of Bush on the left, taking from, and you will see just what I'm trying to say.

It's about time that we as a country of American citizens stop being fooled and see the truth. This President has done nothing good for this country since 9/11.

We should not allow this President, Congress and Senate to lie anymore for the sake of terrorist, and their slogan to stop them over there, so that we don't have to fight them over here.

How can we keep believing this when our borders are not protected and our ports go unchecked by this Administrations.

When will we the people get a back bone and stop this man who wish to be King and his court?


foox said...

Well it's easy to criticize. but you have no suggestions,
what you would done different?

LETS TALK said...

I remember at one point, any time someone said anything about what this President was doing wrong, other Republicans, Fox News and every conservative talk show would give that slogan that if you are not for us you are against us.
This President and the Republican party has done tricks with the mind of the folks on the right.
What I, or someone else might have done differently is listed below:
1. Go after Osama, not Iraq.
2. All the money spent in Iraq, could have been saved because we would have never went there.
3. All of the service men and women in Iraq would never have been there, freeing up half to be placed in Afghanistan and other places Osama might have gone.
These are just a few things right off the top of my head.
Some of that money would have been used for the service men and women, to rase their insurance and allow them to seek other medical help outside of the VA Medical Center.

Jon said...

If you are so tired of talking about it then maybe you should stop talking about it so much. President Bush never lied about the reasons for going to war and just because Saddam shifted all of the waepons he had to Syria prior to us entering Iraq and this was witnessed by an Iraqi who was inside Saddams inner circle. The American people would be a lot better off if there were less people spreading the lies about President Bush and his Administration. No one has claimed that Bush hasn't made mistakes, but it gets pretty tiring to read all of the nonsense being sprewed by the far left and MSM every single day. Besides 90% of the lies being told about Bush are baseless or just rehashed by the Anti-Bush left.

LETS TALK said...

Jon, I am tired of Bush period. He needs to be impeached.
It's bloggers as yourself that keeps bloggers like me spearding the word about this man.
It's very hard to think that someone like you are out there, still spinning this mans mess.
Maybe if he had not taken his eyes off the ball, Ben Laden and others would have been caught or killed by now and a lot of money and life would have been saved.

Aaron Cook said...

Yes, Impeach Bush.