Saturday, April 15, 2006


It somewhat makes me sad, mad and angry, to find out that people in the United States and elsewhere, just dont want to hear the truth.

It seems that we believe any and everything, even though some of us know somethings to be a lie, but we go along with the lie because of the man or the party.

I have read many Republican blogs and the things that they say, I really dont think they believe.

I notice that they have a high readership, and I wonder why? I mean how can smart educated people believe what is being said on some of these sites.

Is it loyalty to a party, a person or a lie, what? How can people not know that we as Americans are catching hell right now, and the people to blame are the Republican party.

Look at the tax cuts that are given to the rich and ask yourself, are you benefiting from these cuts?

Have you even noticed the build up, and buy out of well developed land and property in areas that can only be afforded by the rich.

The average American can hardly afford day care for their kids without both partners working, and yes I said partners.

The rich are doing find, and I'm willing to bet you that they dont have a family member in Iraq or Afghanistan. They might not even have a friend or know anyone serving in those wars.

We seem to take what our Government say to us to be the truth, but I can recall when half the truth was being told to us, and we didn't believe the truth because of the party and the man.

Now we seem to believe every lie that is told to us, even when we find out that it was a lie.

What is going on, is it the end of time peeping from around the corner?

If you are a Religious person, you know what I mean, I hope.

I'll stop now and leave you with this. Ruoch is of light and truth, it is said to be the breath of GOD, it is what brought man to life, it is the spirit. Man is not to be put on high places, he's not GOD, so lets stop acting like they are.

Stop believing a lie, when you know that it is a lie, and stop following a party, when you know that the party is not looking out for the best of this Country or you.

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demented baboon said...

I believe the war between classes is the most important war being fought today, not just between the rich and the poor, but between the middle class and the poor. But it is hard for me to take you seriously because you don't really back up anything you say with facts.

LETS TALK said...

I concur with you that I'm not backing this up with anything, but to travel throug this country should be fact enough.
You can check out other sites to confirm my post and they are: