Friday, April 14, 2006


What happen to the promise that you made that by cutting taxes, more jobs would be created by the rich investing back into the system, Lets talk.

Mr. Bush, why is it that the rich are the only income group getting richer? What happen to your promise Sir?

First of all you dont get out of a recession, by giving tax cuts to the rich.

The new jobs that have been created are low-wage, temporary positions with no health care benefits.

You said that the tax cuts for the wealthy would stimulate the economy, but you have turned the $5.6 trillion surplus that you inherited from the Clinton years into a $415 billion deficit and you have increased poverty.

You've given giant corporations tax incentives for shipping American jobs abroad. You danced with India about the outsourcing while 2.7 million manufacturing jobs and 558,000 information jobs are gone, lost to other countries.

Where's the beef Sir?

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