Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I hear all the time, that when a man starts to get older, he gets a new sports car or dye his hair. What I never hear is what women do as they start to see more good years pass them by.

I'm not trying to start anything, but I'm somewhat tired of hearing how I'm doing this or that because I'm feeling my age. Most of this talk comes from my female friends and female family members.

Just how do women feel, when a man tells them that maybe that skirt is just a little much for you at your age or maybe you should get a little more slack in those jeans.

I have female friends who think that their teenage daughter is their friend. Where do they draw the line. When you have a mother and daughter dressing almost the same and wearing the same cosmetics.

Don't the parent suppose to be the coach/parent, making it safe and somewhat hard for the teenage daughter not to grow up to fast?

I'm not mad, but I am tired of women trying to be both mother and friend to their teenage daughter, while at the same time telling the man that he's trying to relive his past or that he's afraid of getting older.

I thank God every day that I have got to the age that I am right now, and I would like to see many more years.

But it just bothers me, when a woman tells me that I'm afraid to get old, while at the same time she's wearing clothes that are for younger women or coloring her hair and trying to be a friend to her daughter.

I have single mother, female friends who run through men like water. Now how in the world is that being an example for their children. Especially if they have a teenage daughter.

I've seen women run to clubs, parties and games just about every weekend and change their men, like they change their clothes. But when I feel the need to buy myself a car that I now can afford, I'm told that I'm trying to be young or that's what older men do at some point in their life.

I think that I've said to much and that maybe I had better stop now. But I do have a passion about this problem between men and women, and what the women can say or do as opposed to the man.

One more thing, just look at how men are treated when he and a woman decides to get a devorce. The man has to get out of the house and still pay for it, and if that's not enough. The man has to pay child support and sometimes even alimony.

Look at the cases where female teachers are involved with minors, you have Kathy White, Pamela Turner and Lafave of Florida just to name a few. These females are looked at differently then men, when they go out and or involved with minors.

I'm not saying that any of this is right, but I feel that, yes we as people should be treated the same, not because we or a man or a woman, but because we are all Gods children and we all do silly and sometimes crazy things once we start to feel that we are older.

Just stop saying that men are trying to relive this or that, when you dont say the same about yourself.


tstracy said...

I always thought that getting a sports car was actually a cool thing to do. Especially if you spent the last few years driving around a well less than desirable one.( I however went the other way..went from a cool volvo to a minivan!)

And if a man wants to improve his looks(not for a younger girlfriend) I am all for that too.

There are men who become cheesy as they age and women too...cheesiness knows no age.

Interesting ponts in your blog

kristinaQ said...

You made some great points there that other people wouldn't even have the balls to say lest they be attacked by some womens' rights activists or something just as irritating :)