Wednesday, March 15, 2006


"The American people already made their decision," Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday in an appearance in Mr. Feingold's home state, The Associated Press reported. "They agree with the president." picture of Fiengold Mr. Vice President, who are they? Lets talk.

This is certainly more serious than anything President Clinton was accused of doing, so who in their right mind feels that what this president has done is right and the American people are behind him. This is reminiscent of what Nixon was removed from office for doing.

Like Nixon, this President has broken the the law, and only the Republican nuts are standing by him, just as they have for every other disaster he has caused.

Sen. Specter said, "The president may be wrong, but he has acted in good faith." Sen. Specter, what good faith would you call spying and wiretapping U.S. Citizens?

Democrats, while distancing themselves from Mr. Feingold's assertion that the president "plainly broke the law" in approving surveillance without warrants, said his proposal merited more consideration than a hasty vote. Some backbone the Dems show when they finally have someone in thier party ready to confront this President.

Now you hear that Sen. Feingold is trying to build support for a possible presidential bid in 2008. So what, If he has nerve to stand up to this President, his Republican Senate and the Chickens in the Democratic party, then I say. Good for you Sen. Fiengold, you have my vote, because you are doing what no other Democrat has the nerve to do.

Sen. Frist has already started to say, what most Americans are just so sick of hearing from the Republican party, when someone question this President and what he has done, he said. "When we're talking about censure of the president of the United States at a time of war, when this president is out defending the American people with a very good, lawful, constitutional program, it is serious business," Mr. Frist said. "If they want to make an issue out of it, we're willing to do just that."

Are you tired of this same picture from the Republicans? When will this country come together and say Mr. President you are wrong and if you the Senate and House can't get it together, by doing your job, then guess what? You can let the door knob hit you where the good Lord split you, and we can show you better in November just what we are talking about.

I really am tired of Democrats walking away from a battle, as if no one cares about what is going on, or scared that if they say or do the wrong thing, this President and the Republican party will label them weak or not for our troops.

Stop this now about who is for our troops and who's not. We are all Americans and we are all for our troops. We are not all for the talking points that you bring out everytime someone question King George. We are all not for the way you try to divide us and play with our minds, as if we were to dumb to see just what you have done in the past and what you are trying to do now with this troop business.

What this President has done has nothing to do with the troops. Stop the scare tactics. If you are so concerned about anything stop the port deal that is still going on behind the Americans back, yes we know that the UAE still has the rights to the ports.

the Carlyle Group, a company where Bush Sr. was an advisor. They received an $8 billion investment last year from Dubai International Capital. Neal Bush, the president's brother has been in bed with the UAE for quite some time, including getting backing for Ignite!, his educational software company.

President Bush chose a Dubai Ports World executive, David Sanborn, to head the US Maritime Administration and the Secretary of the Treasury, John Snow, was former chairman of CSX Corporation, a company who sold their port operations to Dubai Ports World. Secretary Snow has gone on record to push this latest Dubai Ports World deal by claiming that "12 American agencies have ruled out security concerns."

We even know that they, the UAE are just looking for some American company to run their business here. So Let the con talking go.

We are tired and much smarter than you seem to think and I guess you will find that out come next election. This is for you to my Democratic chickens, we are fed up with you running away with your tail between your legs, anytime a good fight starts.

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