Monday, March 20, 2006


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In the late 1990s a group of right wing politians and business people got together to found the Project for the New American Century. They set out to map how the United States and its corporations could profit from its sole superpower status. Amongst its plans were regime change in Iraq. When George Bush became president many of these politicians who had set up the PNAC became part of the administration - including Donald Rumsfield (Defence Secretary), Dick Cheney (Vice President) and Paul Wolfowitz (Deputy Defence Secretary).

The Project for the New American Century is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to a few fundamental propositions: that American leadership is good both for America and for the world; and that such leadership requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle.

The Project for the New American Century intends, through issue briefs, research papers, advocacy journalism, conferences, and seminars, to explain what American world leadership entails. It will also strive to rally support for a vigorous and principled policy of American international involvement and to stimulate useful public debate on foreign and defense policy and America's role in the world.

Could they really have influence this President or could it have been the Carlyle Group, a company where Bush Sr. was an advisor.

We have heard a lot of reasons from the Republican talking heads, but only President Bush can give us the truth, right?

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