Friday, October 19, 2007

Where Are We Headed America?

House Democrats are promising America that they will push for a new version of the children's health insurance program, after the Republicans denied the country of a bill that saw help for our children during times of illness and accidents.

The House needed two-thirds of those voting to support the bill. The vote was 229 Democrats and 44 Republicans for overriding the veto, and 154 Republicans, and two Democrats for the veto.

I hear people on C-Span talking about how they raised their kids and never needed help from such programs and the government. I say to them hurray for you, but families today need such help, with the cost of insurance and Medical expenses.

How can anyone deny our kids this type of help and say that they are for "US"? How can you be for "US", when you are telling those that make too much to be on the program, but not enough to pay for the high cost of insurance, that it's best that they lose all to pay for surgery, hospital stay and regular medical bills that come from our children going to a hospital in this country today.

Where's our heart America? Where's our compassion and where's our love for one another in this country? Are we to say that American's love a party and a man, more than the people as a whole now?

What say you?


phil_in_ny said...

Omg, and what the hell are they going to propose? A children's health package at $500 a month? Please.

Mary Ellen said...

You stinker! I was looking all over for this clip to put on my blog last night! I'm glad you found it, that was great. ;-)

Yup...children don't count after they're born with this crowd. Maybe we need to play the Republican name game. For now on, all children are to be referred to as "fetus's" until they turn 21. That way, they can be respected as "life".

LET'S TALK said...

Take it Mary Ellen, you are welcome to it!

phil_in_ny, I know not what they will propose.

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

Where's our heart America?

We've lost our heart, I'm afraid.

I hear people on C-Span talking about how they raised their kids and never needed help from such programs and the government

This is the mantra from the kind of people who think that because they didn't encounter any problems, then they just can't understand why other people may not be as lucky as they were.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the U.S. who believe in the every-man-for-himself principle. They don't believe in all of us working together to make sure that each and everyone of us is able to have a good life.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"how they raised their kids and never needed help from such programs "
Did that program ask how many of the speaker's children had serious childhood diseases? Did it mention that the cost of health care since "that era" has risen faster than any other single commodity, even oil? Did it mention that since that era, good jobs have evaporated along with decent wages?

Excuse my language for a moment, but a lot of people need to pull their heads out of their ass! It's always easy to stand on the curb, and say why a wreck happened. When you're IN that wreck, all you can say is "What Happened?"

two crows said...

hey, LT--
sure those 'humans [and I use the term loosely] on C-SPAN didn't need help from the gov't 20 years ago.
back then, employers were providing health care benefits to their employees -- remember those days?
and, people who didn't have employers were eligible for Medicaid-- adults and children alike. that program has shrunk in recent years, too.

this is just another case of obfuscating the facts and hoping people don't don't pay too much attention to what is actually being said.

Candace said...

"Are we to say that American's love a party and a man, more than the people as a whole now?"

Yup, that's called "compassionate conservatism," and I'm sick to death of it. Unfortunately, for many people, that will be literal.

Tom Harper said...

When child labor laws, Social Security, the minimum wage, the GI Bill, etc. were first implemented, the wingnuts (or whatever they were called then) undoubtedly started spewing about "handouts" and "self reliance" and bootstraps.

Now we look back on the days of child labor and think "how could they?" And future generations will look back on Bush's veto of the child health care bill and say "what was he thinking?"

LET'S TALK said...

ThanKwee-Anajo, yes we have lost our heart and that is very sad for this country because there is a lot of different people here with a lot of different income.

We will find that it takes everyone here to keep this country going and we cannot go back to the past when things were different. Those days are gone.

You are so right The Future Was Yesterday, a lot of heads need to be remove from their butt. I want repeat everything you said , but I agree 100%.

Yes two crows, I remeber those days. I like your point that most are confused and really dont pay any attention to what is actually going on. They rely on the Media to give a one sided story now days, if that.

LET'S TALK said...

Candace, I to am very sick of it as well. Just as two crows said a lot of folks is just not paying attention to what is going on out here.

Tom Harper, I'm asking that now. Just what is this President thinking?

PoliShifter said...

We're headed toward martial law...that's where we're headed.

Thank God Stark had the balls to say what the majority of Americans have been saying and thinking for at least the past 2 years.

Shameful that Pelosi reprimanded him and the DLC is running around apologizing for him to Republicans.

I'm glad Stark won't apologize.

We need more of it.

JollyRoger said...

Those people don't "love" Chimpy, but they're cut from the same cloth as the moronic monkey is.

They are all for anything that they don't have to pay for, or work for. Wars, schools, roads, prisons.... just don't ask them to PAY for any of it. That's COMMANISM, man!

The selfishness of Chimpletons is sickening-all the moreso because they have allowed themselves to be convinced that they shouldn't have to pay for anything. That very ugly, crass selfishness is at the very core of Chimpy's support base.

LET'S TALK said...

PoliShifter, that's the problem with the Democrats. Instead of fighting with and for each other as the Republicans do. They cave in and go against the person that said or did whatever the Republicans complain about.

JollyRoger, I agree with you that they are the same, but how can they be against our childrren, when they are the ones that cry for women not to abort a baby.

Larry said...

The Heart of America is ruled by the Heartless of America!

Ronald 'More-More' Moshki said...

this is a web log whose boss blogs with the folq; thanxx for that.

And, drum roll and whistle please:
mary ellen wins the prize.

If kids/young adults are feti, the Jas. Dobsons will have to pretend they care about them, same as they pretend about a zygote.

Oh, that Jimmy.

LET'S TALK said...

That's what it appears to be Larry.

Ronald 'More-More' Moshki, I know not what your comment is about, but I'll let it stand.

two crows said...

I got an email from today urging us to support Representative Stark for standing up in the House to denounce Bush for his war crimes and the veto of SCHIP and the compliance of the lapdog Congress.

According to the email, the voice-mailboxes in Congress are full. The only way to let them know we're behind Stark, at the moment, is via email. And the current goal is to fill not only their voice-mailboxes but their email in-boxes as well by the time they return to work on Monday morning.
So, if you didn't receive that email, please write your Representatives and give them a piece of your mind.

And, while you're at it, you might contact Pete Stark at and give him your support. He may really appreciate it-- since Pelosi, in yet another taking-leave-of-her-senses- moment, actually rebuked Stark for telling it like it is.

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks two crows, I tried Pete Stark e-mail but it was for California residence only.

Ronald 'More-More' Moshki said...

Uh, the "false teachers" such as James Dobson, care only about feti, not real people.

And "let's talk", thanxx for talking to the bloggers here.

Most web log owners don't talk with the folq )folk).

LET'S TALK said...

You are welcome Kelvin