Monday, October 08, 2007

Bush And Privacy

This is how our President feels about his privacy and that of his

daughters. What say you?


Tom Harper said...

Well Hallelujah! Bush actually believes in a right to privacy. Oh, you mean just for him; not for anybody else.


Larry said...

Bush is referring to his privacy, the administration of secrets and lies.

FranIAm said...

Glad you are back. This is great. I just cross posted it!

Candace said...

Did he actually say he believes in open government? There at the beginning of the video?


Good find!

Mary Ellen said...

Great find, Larry! I wish some of our Democratic Senators would have watched that before they gave him permission to continue spying on us.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi tom harper great post you have over at your site. Maybe the Democratic party should be looked at more closely.

As to Bus, we all know where this guy head is at when it comes to him vs. the American people.

Hello Larry and I think you make a good point about an administration of secrets and lies.

FranIAm, welcome back again and I'm so glad you had a safe trip to and from.

If you or anyone else would like to use the videos I have , just double ckick on the video and once at the LiveLink just click on lesssr and it should carry you to where all the videos I have uploaded. Just copy the Url for blogs and paste it onto your site.

Thanks for cross posting, you are so great in that way.

Hi FranIAm, I just loved reading the post you had listed yesterday and I wish you well.

As for our President, yes this guy said that he believes in open government. As to what country he was speaking of is beyond me.

Hi Mary Ellen, I was hopeing you had come to my other site Let's talk About It and gave your comment on what the conservative guy had to say at the site. Tomcat put the guy in his place for me and I thanked him for that.

It's a whole different post when you can't comment on what some has to say at your site and being that my DSL service was done for the weekend, I couldn't do anything at all.

I'm glad you enjoyed the video and I must say. I didn't know that you was such a sports fan. I fell asleep on the game and found out about who won later that night.

Andy said...

That's laughable. At least some are entitled to privacy.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi Andy, I will be over to your site a little later today.

I've got to slow down now, I see that I am writing and not checking exactly what I am saying and I'm ending up saying nothing.

phil_in_ny said...

Go figure.

fairlane said...

What a self-righteous, grandiose dick.

And yet 30% of our fellow Americans continue to support him.

How do people that stupid survive to become adults?

The level of stupidity required to believe in this charlatan should be fatal.

LET'S TALK said...

Candace, I'm sorry for calling you franiam, now I know that I must break and get back at this later.

phil_in_ny, I wish you had more to say about this video. I'm somewhat left empty with your comment. I hope that you will comment again on said subject.

Great comment fairlane, you seem to always have the right things to bring to the table when it comes to commenting about this President.

PoliShifter said...

Bush considers himself above all of us. He gets special privelages and rights the rest of us don't deserve cause we're just stinky common folk. We can't be trusted and thus don't deserve privacy in Bush's world view.

LET'S TALK said...

PoliShifter, in Bushs real world, we are just nothing but the lower class people with no rights.

Kitchen Window Woman said...

Basically I think that the American people should have Bush, Cneney, the various members of PNAC, and some members of Congress under surveillance. These people are responsible for war crimes - the deaths of a million people, the destruction of a sovereign country, and the robbing of the American treasury. They are far more dangerous than the terrorists ever will be and need to be held accountable.

Bush doesn't deserve privacy.

equestrian1 said...

omg the man finds new ways to show that he is a jackass every day that he draws breath!

LET'S TALK said...

Kitchen Window Woman, I agree that Bush don't deserve any privacy at all.

Well put equestrian1, this guy has issues.