Saturday, October 20, 2007

9-11 Truthers Infiltrate Bill Maher Audience

On Real Time last night, the 9-11 truthers infiltrate Bill Maher Audience and Bill goes wild running out into the audience to help put the 9/11 truther out.


Lizzy said...

While I don't think it was cool to interrupt his show like that, I do think Maher should bring the subject up...and not in such a snarky way.

He doesn't have to believe what the truthers believe, but he could start with building 7.

LET'S TALK said...

I agree Lizzy, things got sort of ugly as well.

Mary Ellen said...

I like some of the things Bill says, but I don't like his lack of respect for his audience. Like Lizzy, they shouldn't have been disruptive, after all, he was trying to do a show. They could have been escorted out by security and left it at that. But to totally jump all over them and insult them was stupid. It made Bill look bad and he portrayed himself as a loon...which is just what he was trying to do to them.

I've said it before on other blogs, I'm not into conspiracy theories. However, with our President and VP being what they are...I don't discount anything anymore.

They've outed a CIA agent, they've sent Blackwater into Louisiana after Katrina (read Politics Plus today and watch that video!) and there are so many documents about 9/11 that have been withheld by Bush. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Mary Ellen said...

I also want to mention that I see a lot of disruption at hearings, tv shows, radio shows, etc. I think it speaks to the level of frustration in our country right now-that we aren't being heard.

LET'S TALK said...

Mary Ellen this country is on the verge of something. Let's face it this President has suppressed the voice of truth and the media just follows along. At some point the people will rebel.

proudprogressive said...

Geeze, there are maher's true colors - its our debate not yours , you are here to listen. Name calling, calling for an ass kicking and that boffoon mathews with his HA HA ..he reminds of some idiot on tv from my childhood..with a one liner laugh. See - in my opinion..all these so called liberal shows are part of the illusion that we are free. But really these are little outlets in our political horizon that defuse real anger - like a safety valve. Maher was a bully, and a nasty one to boot. I never watch his show - but i often hear friends praising it - but as you can see his progressiveness goes only so far.

And worse - he called for an ass kicking , called the audience member an nutcase..and the boo'ers cows..NICE BILL. yeah you are a real man of the so called "left" and i swear if all Mathews is gonna do from now until his retirement is loudly go HA ! forget him - he is irrelavent. yet another media huckster who as jon Stewart pointed out thinks we should all run our lives like campaigns...sick.

proudprogressive said...

As for the being disruptive issue. How on earth does anything every change without people DISRUPTING The status quo..and from Maher's reaction , one could only imagine that those out of the free speech ZONE should be taken to Gitmo. geeze. And Jackson Lee bless her heart tried to at least give mention to the First Amendment - oh and Bill anyone who looks at the video KNOWS they are seeing a controlled demolition - period. If Bill were a true lefty he would have brought the subject up with the guests. He is a fruad.

LET'S TALK said...

proudprogressive, It was very ugly and he was nasty about the whole thing, but one must look at both sides.

I did not like the comparison about audience being Greek , meaning to listen, and his guess, and he, are to debate.

That is very true, but he could have said it more nicely, but I guess he was upset. I for one, can say that I've been upset and said the wrong thing myself.

Parson said...

Sorry, but I think Bill was right on to throw them out. Why should he have to be all nice to them, when they were screaming their crap and interupting his show. All they really did was help him get some more attention on youtube.

PoliShifter said...

My opinion is that Bill had every right to throw them out for disrupting the show.

He gave them a few opportunities to say something.

But I do think he crossed the line when he said they needed a good ass kicking. I don't think he meant it sincerely. I think he was in the heat of the momment so to speak and was just speaking rhetorically.

While it was annoying that they disrupted the show and rigthfully so they were removed...but to suggest they needed an ass kicking for it I think was a bit much.

I think people should be able to protest, make a scene, then get thrown out. If they think it is helping to get their point across so be it.

But people shouldn't need to fear a beating for it.

Now, I'm sure no one was hurt at Bill Maher's show. But during the whole thing I was sort of cringing hoping we didn't get another "don't tase be bro!" incident.

Reality is though that protesters are often roughed up, beaten, if not even killed.

The one difference here may be that at Bill Maher's show people didn't actually get beaten. But if it was Rush Limbaugh's show and the security was being handled by Gathering of Eagles, people might have been beaten.

I would just hate to see the left go down the authoritarian path. Leave that for the right.

Tom Harper said...

I like Bill Maher a lot, and he's entitled to his opinions. I have mixed feelings about the cause of 9/11. I'm leaning toward thinking it's an inside job, but in any case Bill Maher can disagree with that viewpoint on his show.

If nothing else, this incident gives the lie to the rightwing stereotype that Liberals are a bunch of pencilnecks who just stand there and wail helplessly. He can cowboy up when he needs to, and I think that's more common than the knuckledraggers would care to admit.

LET'S TALK said...

Parson, I would have done so as well. I guess with Republicans there' always someone to screen people before they enter.

PoliShifter, yes Bill had every right but there was anger that should have been more control. But just maybe those things happen and it was live cable. He should do as the Republicans. Have those people screened before they enter.

tom harper, you're right because this guy really show a cowboy up stand and action.

Ronald 'More-More' Moshki said...

Bill might be able to push around some sissies (like himself) but there are millions of tough guys who could break him in pieces.

He is a person devoid of class, even if he is right on a few issues.

LET'S TALK said...

Ronald 'More-More' Moshki, I don't know what justifications you have to call Mahers a sissy or anyone for that matter. Regardless if he is or not, that figure of speech is not warranted for anyone. As with all of us, there's always someone out there that's tougher than we are.