Monday, April 02, 2007

The White House And Conservative News Show Try To Smear Pelosi's Trip

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being smeared by The White House for her impending visit to Damascus. Bill Kristol repeated the attack on Fox news.

The White House accused Sen. Pelosi of failing to heed the administration's admonitions against traveling to Damascus.

Now we find out that three Republicans, were in Syria yesterday and not a word from the White House or Kristol.

Sunday, Reps. Frank Wolf, Joe Pitts and Robert Aderholt met with Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus... These men are Republicans, so what's the problem here America?

Conservatives are so quick to say bad things about MSM, but constantly follow this White House of lies and the conservative talking points.


Ron West said...

Bill Kristol has two nicknames. One is the Vampire because he can never have enough blood flowing.

The other is Nostradumbass for his idiotic predictions of chocolates and flowers for the troops.


LETS TALK said...

I thought I was the only one that saw his twin sides?

Jon said...

Lets talk,

The only reason she went to Syria is to show up President Bush and that isn't going to help anyone in the Middle East.

LETS TALK said...

I dont think she went there to show up the President Jon.

I think, just as the three (3), Republicans went there, someone in the States had to start some type of dialog with Syria.

We can't keep this parade of not talking or not starting some type of dialog with other countries.

Our President would like for us to think that his reasons for not talking with Syria is, because of the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri.

What it comes down to, is Bush cant seem to understand that he must be diplomatic and do the type dialog that other President's have done in the past.

He wants to bomb Iran so bad, that he can't see straight. diplomacy and dialog is all that's needed and Polosi, has done just that.

Snave said...

But of course the White House and conservative talkers would forget about the Republicans who went on the trip too... If a Democrat went, then that's the news in the story, period. The corporate media would love to make it look like Pelosi is trying to make Bush look bad. She doesn't have to do that, he already does a good enough job of it himself.

I agree that Pelosi didn't go to Syria just to show up president Bush, although that is probably how Bush viewed it. Bush doesn't want peace in the Middle East, so he gets rankled at others who do want peace there, and who visit Middle Eastern countries in an attempt to create some kind of dialog. Bush and his friends are making lots of money through their war profiteering, and there is all that oil over there to control. Iraq is a big gravy train... why would the neocons EVER want to pull our troops out of there? With those permanent bases we have built in Iraq, there will always be SOME of our troops stationed there.

I doubt the effectiveness of just about any Republicans at doing anything they try, but I don't put much faith in Pelosi either... she is refusing to put impeachment on the table, and I believe the impeachment or resignation of Bush/Cheney is imperative in order for our country to get back on the right track. Chuck Hagel, a Republican, appears to be the only politician with balls lately when it comes to using the "I" word. Anyway, Bush does only have something like 655 days left, but that is WAY too much time to start a war with Iran, invade Syria, bomb the crap out of someone in a pre-emptive strike, etc. Talking with Syria and Iran is a good thing to do, as far as I'm concerned. Get them to the table, talk with them. And at the same time, let's see if we can get Bush out of office.

LETS TALK said...

Wow snave, you've put everything into perspective here.
I've got to link to your site now... well stated thoughts such as these command me to do so.

Snave said...

Thanks, LT, I appreciate your kind words. I love to write, and if I could explain things verbally as well as I can sometimes express them in words, I might be, well... who knows. I like myself the way I am now, anyway, and I'm glad you like my comments. They tend to get windy, but like I say, I love writing! I like your weblog very much too, BTW!

LETS TALK said...

snave, as long as you are speaking the truth, windy is not an issue.

Most folks want the truth, no matter how long... that's how books are written.

Keep it up, I enjoy your read!