Monday, April 16, 2007

Why I Started To Share My Thoughts

I was once content with writing programs, surfing the net and reading a few blogs. I notice while reading blogs, more than 90 percent were conservatives, giving their opinion and being mean spirit about any thing and any one that did not agree with them or have the same view that they had.

When I first started to blog, I tried to be somewhat in the middle and just let others give their opinion on what I talked about. The problem with doing that, brought on the same thing that I had been reading, when I just went to other blogs.

Mostly conservatives, giving opinions that I didn't agree with and I wondered, where in the world are the Democrats and the Independants?

Since I found very few people to stand up to some of the junk that some conservatives were saying. I just decided to just give my own opinion on how I felt about things and low and behold, all I hear, in a nasty way are conservatives, saying all kind of things to me.

Let me just say this, BRING IT ON! I'm an ex-Marine and I know that I can deal with the things that they have to say.

I have a comment that I would like to share with you; "Your site is an utter insult to Christians everywhere. To not support Bush is borderline heresy. Jesus was not pro-gay and pro-abortion! Read the Bible!!"

Well sir I ask you, how can my site be an insult to Christians everywhere just because I don't support Bush?

As for pro gay, Sir let me just say this. I can't judge a man because he choose to be gay or he is gay for what ever reason. His life style is not my business. If I have a friend and he is gay, then he is my friend, not gay friend, but friend. I'm not going to let you choose for me whom I get to like or dislike, that's up to me and Sir, I have no reason to dislike gays, you or anyone.

On pro-abortion, you have no way to know how I feel about abortion, but let me tell you any way. I can't feel what a woman feels in her body and I have no right to choose for her if she should or should not have a child. Sir, that's her business, not mines or yours. I'm calling you Sir because I've been to your site and I know that you are a man.

I was going to put the information that I'm going to talk about now, on my other site Let's Talk About It, but I feel that it should be said here.

In 1893 Julia Ward Howe, brought up Religion and what that word means to us, as a people. "Religion is the pursuit of the devine in the human, the sacrifice of everything to duty for the sake of God and of humanity and of our own individual dignity. Nothing is religion which puts one individual absolutely above others, and surely nothing is religion that puts one sex above another. Religion is primarily our relation to the Supreme, to God himself. It is for him to judge; it is for him to say where we belong, who is highest and who is not; of that we know nothing. And any religion which will sacrifice a certain set of human beings for the enjoyment or aggrandizement or advantage of another is no religion. Any religion which sacrifice women to the brutality of men is no religion."

Now with that said, Let's Talk!


Tom Harper said...

I think I can guess who that was that left that comment you're talking about. Not that it matters; there are quite a few bloggers out there who think exactly like him.

Yes, religion is supposed to be a private individual matter, not something to wear on your sleeve or beat other people over the head with. There's a line in the Bible where Jesus says to pray in private, at home, and not to make a public display of it.

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks for that comment tom, you know I'm so sick and tired of conservatives running around as if they have the right to dictate how we live, what we watch and who we should like and dislike.

I was just wondering, when will this Republican party stop with the Bush almighty thing and the I'm so holy then you crap!

I'm a little pissed because I waited until the last minute to get my paper work together to file my tax.

It's not enough to pay city, state, car and house tax... we are bound by some order to pay federal as well.

Then we have to put up with a President spending money on a made up war, and just ignoring the things that are needed here in our on country, because of it.

To make things worse, we have these Republican's, still supporting this man, unbelievable.

Then I watch a little of Buch on c-span, so you know how I'm doing right now.

The Correct View said...

I myself tend to get called liberal by cons and con by libs - so I don't know what I am by most standards, but this does address it well.
I have a new one up too, and I answered your Mrs. Clinton issue. (she is next by the way)

LET'S TALK said...

I'll make my comment about Clinton on your site, thanks for stopping by Sam.

What we all are, is called humans by my standard... for political reasons we are, what we are, be it Republican, Independent, Green Democrat or what ever.

We must think on the point of helping one another... doing the best thing that will keep this country Great and raise the standard of all citizens in this country.

Lizzy said...

Good blog! I put you on my blog roll.

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks Lizzy, I've put you on Let's Talk Blog Link as well!

kip said...

I like what you have to say.
What's your opinion of Hillary, anyway?

pissed off patricia said...

I've found the best thing to do when I'm attacked is to basically ignore it and as my grandmother used to tell me, lift my skirts and step over the mud.

I had several people come to my site over the past year and try to get a rise out of me. It didn't work and they went away.

I do respect anyone's religion as long as they don't try to use it against me.

FunkyTown Fighter said...

Excellent Post!!! You have said EXACTLY what I think. For me I don't care if your religious or not, gay or not. Everyone lives their lives the way they see fit and the way I am no-one to tell people how to live their lives I will not allow someone to tell me how to live mine! Ignore the self righteous BASTARDS that try to bring you down, they are not worth your time! It's funny I blogged about this same thing just last night. Check out my blog and you'll see your post and mine are very similiar. Good job!!!!

LET'S TALK said...

Hi Kip, thanks for stopping by Let's Talk!

You asked, what's my opinion on Clinton?

I was thinking of doing a post on her, but since Sam, stated that he would, I kinda thought I would wait and just comment on his site.

Here's what I think about her anyway.

First the late Barbara Olson and Peggy Noonan, both did a number on her in their books.

I think most Republicans and a lot of Democrats bought into it.

If you judge people by what they did, when they were young and just beginning, then most Presidents would have never got into office.

With that said, I guess you know that Olson and Noonan, both hard nose Republicans labeled her a Marxist, a Saul Alinsky student.

I feel that she's a strong woman, that knows what she wants and how to get it.

Most Republicans have a problem with that type of woman, even Republican women seem to have that problem with her.

I'll stop now and just say, wait until I do a post on her (maybe), to find out exactly what I think about Sen. Clinton.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi POP, thanks for the comment,

You know I was thinking about getting your url to add your site to my Blog Link if that's OK with you?

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks FunkyTown Fighter, I've visited your post and left a comment.

You have a great post at your site, I really enjoyed reading it.

FunkyTown Fighter said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad you liked it, I enjoyed yours as well keep up the good work!

P.S. don't be a stranger : - )

Anonymous said...

You should visit this site
two of your fellow marines think it's ok to threaten lives of other service members and civilians if they so dare be critical of the administration and it's policies.