Saturday, April 28, 2007

What's your Opinion

I watched a video called Unarmed Civilians and all I had was questions about what went on before the shooting started and who were the people in the two cars that passed by and how were they involved?

I next went to a site where a true Republican gave his honest opinion about this war and his hero George Bush... below is my question and his comment:

What is your opinion of these "Unarmed Civilians"

"I do not see the unarmed civilians you are speaking of and besides why in hell are you looking for reasons to attack our soldiers. I would hope to hell you aren't an American, with this outrageous attack on our soldiers in combat. You are an embarrassment to our great country attacking our soldiers by even questioning their actions when you don't possibly know all the details behind this video."

Was the Republican who made the above statement correct... did I really ask the wrong question or have I attacked our soldiers?

I cant see where I am questioning their actions by asking a question... am I wrong?

What say you?


ParisL0ve2 said...

Oh my God!! That certainly was one disgusting video!!

As for the response by the Republican, it's typical. How dare we question the military. How dare we question their actions.

I don't think your questions were out of line at all. I also don't think it was an attack on the soldiers if that's what you want to call them. I prefer murderous thugs, especially the way that they were talking there. They acted like this was a damn game to them. They acted like they had just been to a college football game, had way too many beers in them, had a loaded weapon in their hands, saw fans from the rival team, and decided to pick them off in order to entertain themselves.

Clearly the person responding to your questions is blind. I don't see the unarmed person you're talking about? Um, his brains are splattered all over the street!! It's as clear as the light of day!! What a moron!! But like I said, it's a typical response. If you question the military, you're unpatriotic. If you question the military, you must not be an American. Don't you know, all Americans are patriotic, gung-ho military supporters. If you're not a supporter of the military, you're a terrorist sympathizer. Or even worse, you're French!! Freedom Fries anyone?????

LET'S TALK said...

parislove2, the Republican site that I asked that question to went on with someone that agreed with him:

I must be going blind, all I saw were people driving into a fire fight and getting their ass shot at. Where were these so called unarmed civilians?

Site Comment:
That is what I was wondering myself, hopefully Larry will point out the obvious to us.

I just decided to leave things as they were at the time and started a post on this madness.

1138 said...

The brownshirting of America says we are no longer permitted to ask questions.
If big brother says boxed marked this end up are to reversed, we're to comply - no questions.

LET'S TALK said...

You are just about right 1138.