Monday, February 12, 2007


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I've talked about the new home I had built last year. Well I found a picture that was taken last September, a month before I moved in.

Notice the damage to the garage door and on the leftside of the house near the basement entrance, there's an AC unit that's not working properly.

I look back on this now and thank God that I started and finished this project, based on how much pain I suffered with the two (2), deaths in my life in 06.

My oldest son moved out and got his own home, a few months before I moved into my new home.

I thought he would stay in the old house, but that was not to be. Just recently he married and is doing great. He and his wife was at the house Saturday, which made me happy.

After he and I talked, I know now not to look for any new babies running around no time soon.

Speaking of babies, my youngest son who just turned 15 last month seems to think the basement belongs to him. There's a game room located down there with his name on it, well at least he thinks so.

I just thought I would get away from the politics for a moment and just let you know where I'm at right now.

Be safe America and may God bless you all.


"My Point" said...

Semper Fi, brother. Good to see you aboard

LETS TALK said...

Semper Fi, brother...Ive visted some of your sites and they are great.

Even though we have a different view of President Bush, I guess we can agree to disagree.

Thanks for stopping by!