Friday, February 23, 2007


Mr. President you said... "If you're not for us, you're against us." Well just who are you for?

You have yet to show any outrage over the conditions at Walter Reed Army Hospital, where our wounded service men and women go.

You do still remember Walter Reed, there are pictures of you visiting the wounded... I'm sure you had to see the conditions there.

President Bush and his administration always question others patriotism. If critized, they come up with how the troops are being sent the wrong message.

Mr. President, what message are you sending the troops when they dont hear from you about the conditions at
Walter Reed

What message are you sending when you allow your administration to put the blame on the Pentagon?

You say that you are for us and not against us... why dont YOU start showing us, by doing something more then letting your administration find others in the government to blame during your watch!

What say you America?


Jon said...

So now you on the left are going to blame the conditions at the hospital on President Bush, when is it going to end?

LETS TALK said...

Jon, when this President decided to go to war with Iraq... the things that he should have done was make sure that those injured had a place to come to when they got back to the States.

Regardless to what any other President did or didn't do at Walter Reed. This President should have had hospitals in place for the injured.

Didn't he think in the start of this war that Iraq had WMD. We saw our military personnel walking around with gas mask on.

Shouldn't he have made sure that things were ready for the injured from this war.

That's just one reason why people say that he, President Bush went to war without a plan.

No plan for the protection of the military while on the field, (body Armor)and no protection while transacting through the hospitals. when injured.