Tuesday, February 27, 2007


These are the people responsible for 9/11...stop the maddness with Iraq and do what you promised!

American Airlines Flight 11
Waleed Alshehri, 22, from Saudi Arabia
Wail Alshehri, 28, from Saudi Arabia
Abdulaziz Alomari, 22, from Saudi Arabia
Satam Al Suqami, 25, from Saudi Arabia
Mohamed Atta, 33, from Egypt
United Airlines Flight 93
Saeed Alghamdi, 21, from Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Alhaznawi, 20, from Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Alnami, 23, from Saudi Arabia
Ziad Jarrah, 26, from Lebanon
United Airlines Flight 175
Ahmed Alghamdi, 22, from Saudi Arabia
Hamza Alghamdi, 20, from Saudi Arabia
Marwan Alshehhi, 23, from United Arab Emirates
Mohand Alshehri, 22, from Saudi Arabia
Fayez Ahmed Banihammad (Alshehri), 24, from United Arab Emirates
American Airlines Flight 77
Khalid Almihdhar, 26, from Saudi Arabia
Nawaf Alhazmi, 25, from Saudi Arabia
Salem Alhazmi, 20, from Saudi Arabia
Hani Hanjour, 29, from Saudi Arabia
Majed Moqed, 24, from Saudi Arabia

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May 15, 2002: The Bush Administration is embarrassed when the CBS Evening News reveals that Bush had been warned about al-Qaeda domestic attacks in August 2001. Bush had repeatedly said that he had "no warning" of any kind.

Stop the lies and please stop spending the tax payers money on your made up war in Iraq... find the people responsible for 9/11.

What say you America?


People in the Sun said...

Sorry, I Just had to post a misplaced comment about your unsuccessful attempts at getting a real discussion going at "News, Views, 'n Opinions." Funny, comments are headlined with "Comments with name calling and personal attacks will be deleted," yet after you try to make a point, his only possible answer is calling you "The anti-Bush people." These guys go through the rubble and the destruction in Iraq searching for more school openings and then complain about the slanted media.

LETS TALK said...

Jon visit my site and leave comments that I dont agree with, then I inturn make a visit at his site with logical comments and hear his abuse about his President and my liberal ways.

I'm somewhat use to conservatives name calling when they cant defend this President.

Hoyeya said...

I think if we leave Iraq right now we'll regret it later. The same mentality behind the 9/11 attacks fuels what's going on in Iraq. I too want the ones responsible for 9/11 brought to justice but I also think we should do all we can to preempt another attack on home soil.

Probably not what you wanted to hear but you did ask "what say you?"

LETS TALK said...

Hi Hoyeya, thanks for stopping by and welcome to Lets Talk.

I'm not one to think what I say or feel is right, it's just my opinion.

What ever way you feel about what's going on in Iraq or elsewhere, is your opinion and the way you see it.

At Lets Talk, I agree to disagree with others who opinion is different than my own opinion and I give you the respect that we all deserve.

I agree with you, that if we just up and left Iraq, we would regret it.

We are in a mess over there and Iraq must start to control it's own country.

I will not get into how we should never have went there in the first place.

As for as doing enough to preempt another attack on home soil.

We are so out of touch with our borders and ports that anyone can come to this country and just about do as they please.

Money to protect us here is being used up in Iraq... we don't have enough money to help inspect ships coming to our ports or people crossing our borders.

I'm just thankful that we have not been attacked since 9/11.