Thursday, February 15, 2007


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I was watching c-span and I heard a woman talk about how she loved her President and he could do nothing wrong.

I thought maybe she didn't know this President that she loves so well has plans to cut funding for veterans health care two years from now.

Then again, maybe she's OK with that...she's not over there fighting or feeling what the injured veterans feel.

I thought maybe she had a son or daughter fighting in Iraq, but she didn't mention any family in Iraq. She only talked about how she supports him and the war that he caused.

The critics say, Bush is using the cuts to help fulfill his pledge to balance the budget by 2012.

The cuts come even as the number of veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is expected to increase 26 percent next year.

It's scary that this man can start a war, then use the poor and middle class to fight the war. Cut the funding to help the injured from this war and say he's for us.

Help me out America, I know that I'm not the smartest man out here, so what is it that I'm not understanding about this President?


Jon said...

What is really scary is that you are disrespecting our soldiers that volunteered to defend our country by claiming that it is only the children of the poor or middle class that are fighting for your right to say such trash.

You really need to stop just repeating what the liberal pundits and media spread and realize that people join the military for lots of reasons and claiming that the President is fight a war with the children of the poor or middle class isn't based in fact just opinion.

TomCat said...

Hi LT. I followed you back from your comment at PP. You have an interesting place here.

I think loving our President is a great idea, and I shall start as soon as we have one.

On Jon's comment, he appears to be the one quoting pundits. While rich families are represnted in the service, they are under represented.

LETS TALK said...

Thanks for stopping by both jon and tomcat.

jon, I'm shocked to see your visit here, but as you and I have discussed things on your site, your comments dont shock me.

Hello tomcat, I really enjoyed my stay reading your blog.

tc, there should be no hate for this President.

Just because we disagree with what he is doing or what he has done, I don't think equals hate by us (Americans).

This President has enough hate from other countries, so being that he's our President representing us and our country.

Please forgive me tc, you didn't say that you hated this President, you said that you would start to love the President as soon as we have one.

Once again thank you both for coming by and you both have a bless day.

TomCat said...

Hi LT. You are correct. I don't hate Bush. Forgiving him daily is an ongoing challange for me, as I work to redirect my indignation to his hateful policies into positive action. Keep up the good work.

Women on the Verge said...


I might be able to help. I think you may have missed that first press conference of W's that started with, "You are getting sleeeeepyyyy..."

Ethel of wotv

LETS TALK said...

Very nice, Ethel of wotv.

I'll take a look see at your site.

Natalya said...

Hi, I wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for supporting myself and Andrew via your post on Ruths blog! We are extremely grateful and appreciate you taking the time to help in the fundraising!

{{{HUGS}} and love,

Natalya (talj) xx

"My Point" said...

Hey, he's my guy, but I am more confused daily!

Semper Fi, Marine

lefty said...

don't sell yourself so short. you may NOT be the smartest man ever, but at least you're smart enough to know a disaster when you see one.

nice blog.