Monday, February 05, 2007


Thanks to President Bush, his Administration, the Republican House and Senate, the Conservative radio and Television media and lastly you die hard Republican Party with the Evangelical Christians. We are in a War that we can not get out of.

A war that you all planned, cheered, talked and lied for. According to the National Intelligence Council, We cannot leave Iraq. They suggest if we pull our troops out, it would cause or draw Iraq neighbors into this mess that this President and company caused.

Just how do we get out of this now? Do we just turn tail and run as most conservative blogs say Democrats are talking about doing?

Stop with the same old mess that Democrats voted to allow this President to go to war at his pleasure. The Democrats, like all of the House and Senate was lied to by this Administration.

What can be done when you have a President not hearing what others are telling him about this civil war. What can be done when you have conservative radio, television and blogs telling people that this President is right and we who speak out are sending some kind of crazy message to our troops.

Give me a break and you Republicans and Evangelical Christians should wake up and see this mess for what it is! A big mistake, born from a lie from whatever reason our President got us into.

What say you America?

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