Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Now that folks have had time to soak in Bush's State of the Union Speech and hear all the talk about it's good, it's bad, or what ever. It's time for me to give my thoughts on it.
I know that some have told me through e-mail that I rave, that I should put things in the proper format, etc.
Well I'll say to you that I'm sorry that you dont like my raving and my formats, so go now to your proper sites, because here I go again, LETS TALK.

Is Bush in a state of denial, I mean what rhetoric was it we heard Tuesday night from this man. He starts out with speaking about Mrs. Kings death, the same day that his nominee, Alito (I-lie-to), was put on the Supreame Court. Bush is the man who oppose everything Mrs. King fought for. He oppose Gay and Lesbian Rights, Affirmative Action, and he just dumped on the voting rights act.

He gave a speech that was 51 minutes to long, filled with a lot of grandiose rhetoric. He said that America was addicted to oil, now this comes from a former oil junkie. What, he's clean now?

He said that we are to dependant on Middle East oil. Now I might not be right here, but we get about a fifth of oil from them. Why didnt he mention Venezuela, Canada or Nigeria.

This is the same man who wants drilling in the Artic right? He said that the build up of carbon dioxide and other gases from burning fosil fuels will drive up temperature and trigger more catastrophic droughts, floods and heatwaves in coming decades.

He said nothing about increasing milage standards would save oil, but that's not the point. Mr. Bush has been told these things since he came into office and he ignored them.

He had the nerve to ask Congress for the line item veto to reduce government waste. Now why in the world would Congress give up its powers to the executive branch. To the man who never met a spending bill he didnt like.

I liked what he said about federal intiative designed to encourage inovation in the government. I just dont know what he ment by it. Did he mean for us to come up with an ideal for governmernt or to improve our thoughts, what?

If you are a Republican reading this, then close your eyes or stop now, here's where I really start my raving.

Bush speaks of jobs that he's created, but let me just say this to you people who have those high paying jobs, that get on the blogs and just go crazy about how you have this and how you dont want to pay for this hand out or that hand out program and how good you feel to be getting something back on your tax.

Yes you have one of those high skilled jobs right now, the so called knowledge industry jobs. Well let me burst your bubble, these jobs are going over seas to. The big Companies are going to where there's no competition, where there's low cost labor and younger talent. So get ready to say goodby to those jobs that keep you on high.

Now about this health care thing. George dont want you to know that 45.5 million Americans dont have access to health insurance. He talks about something that will never be, health savings. Who in their right minds would actually believe the middle class and the poor can afford health savings. People are trying to pay rent, mortage, and buy food. How can they pay for health savings, and why would you ask them to.

Next week Bush is going to ask Congress to cut the growth of benefit programs such as Medicare and Medicaid in his quest to shave more off the budget for his tax cuts. This will save the tax payers $14 billion and keep him from asking for so much more from China. You do know that they help pay down our deficit, and help pay for those tax cuts right.

But dont forget the 22 million gift certificate that he'll be given the insurance people, off the backs of over 100,000 children that will be cut off from those Medicaid cuts he'll ask for next week.

"Our country needs a vigorous and comprehensive strategy for victory against global terrorism. The architect of 9/11 is still out there but now has an international microphone. We must get back to the real issue at hand - we have to root out and destroy al-Qaeda's worldwide network." This was John Murtha who said this, and I concur.

Mr. Bush you have created a much larger world wide terror organization than there has ever been, with your lack of duty. You should have stayed after Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and left Iraq alone. There's nothing that Iraq did to us to justify the War that we are in now. Mr. President you took your eye off the prize.

Now if there are still Conservative College Students that support this man, then I'll just say good luck on paying your tuition and the Bank that gives you a loan/with interest, and I do mean interest. It's about as bad as the credit card interest rates that are going up, but that's another time.

I'll just stop now and leave you with this. There's two types of famlies on this Earth, do you know what they are?

They are the Family of GOD and the Family of Satan. Which family are you?

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Alex said...

What did you do to your blog template? Perhaps you should concentrate on fixing that, rather than regurgitating the same political tripe every third blogger has already posted today.