Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Suddenly King George has told us that he wasn't aware of what was going on again.
This time it was the sale of six US ports to UAE. King George only became aware when federal approval was granted and congressional opposition erupted over the deal.

Scott McClellan said "This didn't rise to the presidential level." My God man, what rises to King George level when this countries security is involved.

McClellan should have awaken King George from his bubble, so as to inform Congress about the deal. But when you're sleeping on the job, things get to others after the fact, just a little to late.

Once awaken from his sleep, King George has made the decision to back his staff decision to approve the sale and will go as far as to veto, for the first time.

You tell us constantly , that we are under constant threat and that you can protect us. You seem to be doing a very bad job at our borders, so how can you do an impossible job at our ports to protect us.

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