Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ann Coulter At It Again

Colmes ask Coulter to apologize for her statment about Judaism. Ann Coulter said that she wears criticism from Jewish groups over the remark as a badge of honor.

Ann comment was, the Anti-Defamation League condemns Dennis Prager. I wear it as a badge of honor. It's like citing the National Organization of Women to tell me how all women feel. The point is: This is the same old fight we see all the time with the irreligious trying to stir up trouble with the religious.

What is this woman talking about and is it just that she's still trying to sell her new book?

The reminder of her statment was as follow; "Yes, godless liberals are upset that other people believe in God. This is the exact same thing we saw with George Bush speaking at Bob Jones University. And suddenly, The New York Times was offended on behalf of Catholics, because of some untoward remarks the original Bob Jones had made about the Catholic Church, not as bad as what the New York Times had said about the Catholic Church, I might add, and religious people just don't fall for it. We know the real enemy are secularists."

What a country Bush has made for us, when these types of people crawl out from under their rock and spew more hate and fear for us all.


Candace said...

You'll have to pardon me for not watching the video - I just can't take this woman.

I ran across a cartoon recently of her standing on a soapbox, jumping up and down and screaming, "PAY ATTENTION TO ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" I'll try to find it again and send it to you. :)

LET'S TALK said...

I would love the cartoon of her Candace! It's OK about the video, most people don't have the time to watch them, but I like to include the actual video to what I'm speaking of, so others can judge for themselves.

phil_in_ny said...

Of course its a plan to sell more books. Notice every few months she comes out with outrageous statements?

I also think this is her 3rd book this year alone. She has to pay for her lavish lifestyle some how.

LET'S TALK said...

I have noticed that phil_in_ny. She's getting paid a lot for insults to please her party.

PoliShifter said...

I am convinced it's all shtick..

never the less:

"We know the real enemy are secularists" - Ann Coutler

Does she realize how Un-American this statement is? I'm guessing she does...she is one of those who want to scrap the constitution and insitute a Christian Theocracy Taliban Style.

Larry said...

Why do all these media outlets give her airtime?

FranIAm said...

You know I am sick to death of this woman.

And she calls herself a follower of God?

What God? The God of cruelty, evil and disgrace?

I don't like to challenge people's faith, to each their own I say. However her hateful screed is too much.

It is about selling books and being shocking. How pathetic.

As a Christian I am so offended. As a woman I am so offended. As an American I am so offended. As a human being I am so offended.

LET'S TALK said...

Ann Coulter is just what we see and hear from some on the right. Just for themselves and believing only what benfits them.

She's part of the problem and is the reason this country has no credibility anymore.

LET'S TALK said...

That's a very good question Larry.

LET'S TALK said...

franiam, she does have a way ofgetting to people that have the ability to think and who can see the truth.

She wants the money so badly, she'll say and do anything for it and to be on the programs that will have her.

Snave said...

Coulter definitely doesn't speak for all people of faith who have right-wing political views, but she certainly is a champion of those Christian reconstructivists like Gary North who want to scrap America as we know it and turn it into what less-sympathetic folks refer to as Jesusistan. That reconstructivist crowd, led by reconstructivists who don't admit that's what they are (i.e. Robertson, Dobson and the late Falwell) has been allowed to attain undue influence in the development of our nation's policies during the past 30 years. Unless there is some way to actually separate religion from government (which is getting increasingly difficult seeing as how the Republican party has become America's first religious political party) we may well be headed down the proverbial toilet in regard to our guaranteed rights and freedoms as American citizens.

I believe those people of faith (both Democrats AND Republicans) who disagree with this totalitarian approach to America's future should help do a sort of "police action" within the nation's religious community. If those who want a theocratic government are isolated, they may appear less appealing and more like the pack of loonies I think they are.

I have said this before: I think the strategy should be to ask the hardcores "What would Jesus do?" and ask it like we mean it, in public places, where it will get news coverage. These people need to be asked such a question publicly and often, by people who have known associations with the left. The question needs to be asked in regard to invading Iraq, bombing Iran, being a rich nation that basically refuses access to health care to millions of its people... The question needs to be asked in humanitarian terms, in terms of human joys, fears and lives.

Someone needs to get Ann Coulter on the air and ask her questions like these:

"Would Jesus bomb Iran? If you say he would, where would you find such evidence in scripture?"

"If Jesus was the leader of a nation that was the richest in all the world, would he spend money to wage war with other nations or would he spend the money to tend to the nation's sick and poor? If you say Jesus would spend vast riches to wage war, where would you find such evidence in scripture?"

"Do you think the earth is God's temple? You obviously think God created Earth, so do you believe we should treat His creation with respect? If you say yes, then why are you against taking measures to prevent our attaining cleaner air, cleaner water, and a reduction in the heating up of the world? What would Jesus do in regard to healthy living conditions for all God's children?"

"Ann, You obviously must have great knowledge of the Bible. Do you describe yourself as a saduccee, a pharisee, or what? If Jesus was confronted with people who used his name as a tool to control large numbers of other people, what would he do? Would it be like when he overturned tables in the Temple and threw out the thieves?"

People such as Ann need to be called on the carpet by people of faith who do not believe America should be run as a theocracy. They would make her look even sillier in public than she already looks, and rip her to shreds, basically. Why don't they do this, and if they do, why is it not reported in the news media?

Lizzy said...

...what Poli said.

LET'S TALK said...

"Someone needs to get Ann Coulter on the air and ask her questions like these"

Outstanding Snave, I don't think she could hold up to any of said questions. She would go through that speech of saying nothing and ignoring any relevance to any question.

Candace said...

Snave, Snave, Snave ... you're operating under the assumption that people like Anne Coulter are rationale. :)

Actually, if you watch that video I told you about over at Divine Democrat (ahem), you'll see that they have "answers" to these questions. Apparently, it is "God's will" to all of these things, and more, in order to "keep Satan from destroying God's plan [for Armageddon.]" It is God's actual will to preemptively strike Iran. It is God's actual will that Bush is POTUS. It is God's actual will that the faithful will be raptured (so no need to worry about the environment - leave that to the godless liberals who will be Left Behind.)

This is some deeply scary shit.

Larry said...

What a wretched old hag.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi Larry, that's a good name for her.

kip said...

franiam asked the question, "And she calls herself a follower of God?"
Of course she does; but then again, so does Osama bin-Laden.

LET'S TALK said...

You have a point there kip.

David Caspian said...

She has to be doing it for book sales. I'm convinced when she says things like we just watched she is "in character." I mean, can you really write as many books as she does, claim to know as much as she does and really make such outlandish statements as, "The real enemy are secularists?" Has she ever opened up a U.S. history book? The founding fathers were all secularists.

I find her not knowing that information hard to believe. Obviously an act to make some $$$$.

LET'S TALK said...

David Caspian, That's what I think its all about, a book sell. Since folks keep buying her books, she will keep right on saying anything to keep that money coming.

Mauigirl said...

I can't for a minute believe that Ann Coulter is truly a Christian. Her right-wing Christian schtick has to be an act. Even the most hypocritical of the right-wing Christians at least seem somewhat more sympathetic than this woman. I can't help but believe she's trying to appeal to the whole right-wing Christian group and is saying what she knows they love to hear.

Let's Talk, I keep rediscovering your blog, I'm going to add you to my blogroll so I will be checking in more often!

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks Mauigirl for rediscovering my blog, I'll add you to my blogroll as well.