Friday, August 17, 2007

Do You Dislike Hillary Rodham Clinton?

What policies in the Senate has she brought to the floor that made you dislike her?

Is it the resolution she voted with the House and Senate that gave Bush the authority to go to war in Iraq if he deemed that appropriate?

Is it that she has not apologize for the resolution she help to give President Bush?

Do You Dislike Hillary Rodham Clinton? If your answer is yes, please explain why.


phil_in_ny said...

I love Hillary. I think she's great. My problem is that I really like Edwards as well. I think they should run together.

Larry said...

I don't like Hillary because she is a war lover, vocally supported Bush and his war until a few months before she announced her candidacy, and she is meshed with Walmart, who in my view has been a major factor in China's economic invasion of the U.S.

Lizzy said...

I really liked Hillary in the 90's when she tried to pass Universal Health care, but ever since, I have found her to be a horrible panderer.

To me, she is a Republican-lite. I want a true-blue Dem to get the nomination, so we can really turn this country around.

Kitchen Window Woman said...

I don't like or trust Hillary. Her vote giving Bush war powers was cynical and calculated. She voted to politically protect herself. Most of her funding is from AIPAC as she is in bed with Israel. I also do not think that she is in touch with the American people. She is pure politician, Republican, that is.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

I don't like Senator Clinton's connection to the AIPAC.

I like Edwards and will vote for him! :)

PoliShifter said...

I don't perosnally dislike Hillary.

I just think she is un-electable and if she is the nominee, she will pave the way for Republican victories not just for the Presidency but also in the House and Senate.

She's too moderate for my taste. I also don't particularly care for her stance on taking money from lobbysists or her positions on Iraq.

I think she has joined the too large crowd of politicians who comprimise their values and sell their souls to corporations so they can get some items for the people passed.

I think it's flawed logic from the start and a soft lie politicians tell themselves.

The system needs fixing. But instead politicians tie themselves to the system and say "this is just how it is, I can't do anything about it"

Hillary has taken money from big pharma, Ruppert Murdoch, and many others I find shady. Obama has done the same.

If Hillary is the nominee, would I vote for her? Yes, only because I prefer to any Republican, except maybe Ron Paul.

But again, I don't think she is electable and I think Hannity and Limbaugh are just licking their chops, polishing up their Starr Reports, digging up Vince Foster, and counting down the days.

Robert Rouse said...

I agree with polishifter about Hillary - except I don't like her. I think she comes off as smug in a lot of the debates. There's almost a "holier than thou" vibe emanating from her.

While I think she can - and will - win if she gets the nomination, I think she'll have a harder time and a closer race than if Obama, Edwards or Gore were the candidate.

enigma4ever said...

I like Edwards and Kucincih and Obama...but no I don't like her- and i get irked when the MSM keeps sayin that women LOVE her....she does pander..and also I seriously worry WHO will be the running mate...

Tom Harper said...

I don't really have an opinion about Hillary. She doesn't seem to stand for anything. As one of the neocons said about her husband, she "comes out on 3 sides of a 2-sided issue."

I'd vote for her if she got the nomination; the "lesser of two evils" and all that. But I hope somebody else gets nominated (I don't know who I want at this point).

Who Hijacked Our Country

fairlane said...

I think she's un-electable. She is absolutely despised in the South, and the Dems need one of those states to pull it off.

They've tried winning without a red state and it doesn't work.

And I agree, she comes across as smug.

Jay said...

I don't mind her at all. I think we all know the results of electing a president who appears more stupid than the average voter.

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

What bothers me most about Hillary Clinton is her connection to Rupert Murdoch!

Looks like Jon Stewart isn't too fond of her either. See here

Yes, Edwards apologized for voting for the resolution to go to war, but he did vote that way!

I am going the most practical route in saying that I think Edwards is the most electable of all of them.

pissed off patricia said...

I don't dislike her and lately she seems to be growing on me. Chis Dodd seemed damned sincere in the debates yesterday but he hasn't a chance in hell I'm afraid. I could live with any of the Dem candidates getting the nod except that strange Mr Gravel.

Snave said...

I think that Hillary Clinton makes too many sojourns toward the right and panders to that crowd. I don't like either of the things you mentioned, especially voting to send us to war in Iraq. She would never apologize for her vote, because that would be an admission of a mistake. Like Bush, she is not going to be one to admit many mistakes.

I'm very much in agreement with Polishifter on this issue. During a time when the Democrats need to take advantage of an edge they have over the GOP, I see no worse strategy than nominationg somebody who is so polarizing as Clinton.

I think Edwards is the most electable at this point, although I actually think his candidacy is somewhat doomed by the silly haircut thing. The rightwing media has done a great job of ingraining that one in the public mind.

I'll vote for whoever gets the Dem nomination, even if it is Hillary Clinton. I think the 2008 election is far too important to our country for us to not vote for whoever is running against the Republican.

1138 said...

Don't like.

Andy said...

I don't dislike Hillary Clinton. In fact, I think my respect for her has grown during this campaign. She is clearly the best "politician" the Dems have running. That said, I don't know that she is electable or that I agree with her positions. But I was impressed after seeing her in person.

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments on the subject of Hillary Clinton. It matters a great deal to me as to how you all feel about her and I've learned a lot about what others find wrong with her as a candidate for President.

Anonymous said...

seldom does one have the word 'dislike' appended so fluidly and frequently to one's name!
Hillary must be a first!
Google, and 3 million sites pop up for "dislike Hillary"!

Personally I belive it is Bill who shud not dislike Hillary.

Others who cares so long as they vote eh?