Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ted Nugent Blast Democratic Candidates

With Machine Guns in his hands, Ted Nugent issues threats to Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and even California Senator's Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

Fox News made a statement and tried to destroy the Dixie Chicks for talking about President Bush. I wonder if they have anything to say about Ted Nugents threats with machine guns?

What say you?


PoliShifter said...

Has the secret service been notified?

It could constitute a threat. I'm sure that Ted would argue "All I sad was suck on the machine gun, I didn't say shoot them..." and the ACLU would likely defend his "free speech"...unless it could be construed as hate speech.

It's a fine line he walked. What a douche bag. I defend his right to say what he wants as long as it doesn't physically harm anyone.

The problem is with his wingnut audience who are so enamored and influenced by him. I could see him driving his wingnut fans to committ acts of violence.

At the very least this should be brought to the attention of the MSM and he should be ridiculed. Imus lost his job for less.

(OT) I updated my earlier post War Is A Racket to include something that has just launched called Operation Mosquito by NTodd:

"Demands now include not only impeachment, but ending the war in Iraq, resisting war with Iran, restoring civil liberties (wrt to FISA, habeas, security theater, etc) and directing war monies to necessary services at home (e.g., universal healthcare, infrastructure maintenance)."

Tom Harper said...

Ted Nugent is such a joke. I used to read some of his interviews; he's really funny, whether he's intending to be or not.

I've seen him on Politically Incorrect. He seemed sort of likeable even though he's a redneck and ultraconservative.

His music seems pretty lame too. I love hard rock and heavy metal, but everything I've heard by him just sounds generic and one-dimensional.

I don't think anyone will take his threat seriously. He's just looking for a few more minutes of fame; he isn't quite ready to fade away yet.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Larry said...

Why isn't this dried up old neocon in prison like most people would be?

phil_in_ny said...

Ted Nugent is a mentally ill psycho. I agree, notify the the right protection. He should be put away somewhere.

Parson said...

I hate when a musican I loved as a teenager, turns out to be a complete psycho...

FunkyTown Fighter said...

Ted Nugent is a fool. I agree with Tom. I just think he isn't ready to fade away just yet. However it would be interesting to see if the Shrub administration "watches" him the way they are now "watching" us "Terrorist" otherwise know as Bloggers!!!!

Chandira said...

OMG, that's awful. Robert likes Ted Nugent, too, I hate to disillusion him, but I'm going to pass this one on... Wifely duties and all that. He needs some better musical inspiration. I'm a huge Marilyn Manson fan, and he's has some actually very smart things to say about the present political climate! He needs a new rock idol I think..


David Caspian said...

I heard Nugent on the Hannity show this afternoon. He said it was satire and a joke, though I only caught a small portion of what he and Hannity were talking about. I still like Ted Nugent, just because he's completely insane and reminds me of a lot of people in my family, but I was a little shocked by what he said. It's always a little weird (to me) when someone calls their guns "beautiful," but that's normal in some parts of America I guess. Then again, his audience loved it.

fairlane said...

I think the most disturbing part of that video is equating "Freedom" with guns. Seems oxymoronic.

Ted Nugent is a lame left over from the hair band days. It looked like he was a playing a lodge.

Most of those heehaws won't even remember they were there.

Mary Ellen said...

That's a lot of big talk coming from a washed up, has been-don't ya think?

He also doesn't seem to have much of an imagination...all his insults were the same. I guess when you are the product of a mom and dad who also happen to be brother and sister, this is what ya get.

LET'S TALK said...

Polishifter I'm sure secret service wasn't notified. Remember this is not about President Bush.
I've re-read your post with the new reference, outstanding. Thanks for the video, I used it on my other site Let's Talk About It.

To be honest tom, I like Ted Nugent music but of late his funny way of saying things don't seem to funny any more. I wonder who in that audience took him serious or funny?

Larry you make a good point there. This guy has now made threats to Presidential candidates.

phil_in_ny, you will get no arguement from me. I concur.

Parson, I'm feeling the same way right now.

LET'S TALK said...

FunkyTown Fighter, I think you can forget about anyone from this administration watching him.

Chandira, this might not change the view your husband has about him. from his stand on global warming being false, now this want do it. He has the right to enjoy music and not the man as he see's fit. Anyone that was an early reader of my other site Let's Talk About It, knows that I am a huge fan of the Dixie Chicks and what was done to them just burned me up.
So I just wonder if they will do the same to Nugent.

David Caspian, that's a very bad joke, which can involve death.

fairlane I hope none of them remember that they were there or didn't take this guy serious.

Mary Ellen he does seem to be out their. You think maybe he has some type of illness that we don't know about?

Snave said...

I think Ted is pretty much an addlepate. Too many years in the rock and roll business has taken too much toll on his poor old brain. I was in a band once that played "Snakeskin Cowboys", which was fun... but I don't think I could make myself play his music nowadays. Sadly, the Nuge is mostly just a relic.

And I would highly doubt those in the Bush administration did much if anything about possible threats in Nugent's talking... They probably had a good laugh about it and talked about what a great American they think he is.

I have to say that America is great. Where else could you say such things, after building an obscene fortune on playing an electric guitar and running around in a loincloth? Ted's right, this IS a great country!

JollyRoger said...

He was never a favorite of mine; I found his riffs to be fairly dull and his songs to be fairly droll.

I find him to be a complete tool. What scum.

LET'S TALK said...

Snave, I guess after these type comments Old Ted does seem to be addlepated. Many old stars seem that way at some point, but never to this degree.

Hi Jolly, I guess you really do not like the guy...I would say that yes those remarks were scummy at most.

Mary Ellen said...

The GOP will probably ask Ted to speak at the next GOP Convention.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Nugent just another chickenhawk? I read that in order to get out of Vietnam he basically walked into the recruiting station after not bathing for a month, his pants crusted in his own urine.

What a grade A asshole.

LET'S TALK said...

Mary Ellen, they might even get him to perform!

Kvatch, for him to be such a coward, he sure was parading those guns around.

Lizzy said...

You know what they say about guys with big guns...small peepee.

LET'S TALK said...

Well Lizzy, you are the woman in this conversation! I'll be glad to let that stand.

1138 said...

Somebody pulled the video

1138 said...

It's still on liveleak though, here

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks 1138, I didn't know the video had been pulled. Thanks also for the reference to watch said video. I've added it to this post.