Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stop To Start: GOP Rules Objection!

"we've just received word that the Republicans have objected under the Senate rules to this meeting continuing. I think that's unfortunate, but I will follow the rules of the Senate... The Republicans are the ones who don't want to have the hearings, the Republicans have the right under the rules to do that.... we will stand in recess until the Senate recesses."

During todays hearing, the Republican senators objected that the hearing violated Senate rules. You know the one that states; hearings are supposed to end by 2pm, unless the Senators go behind closed doors and agree to waive the rule.

Senator Leahy said, the hearings would not be stopped, and he'd hold them on nights and weekends if he needed to.

What in the world is going on with the GOP... are they still under King George's spell?


Tom Harper said...

The Republicans are back to using all their obscure parliamentary procedures and tricks, now that they're the minority party again. They did that all the time during Clinton's presidency. I hope Leahy follows through with what he said and holds these hearings on evenings and weekends if he has to.

Who Hijacked Our Country

LETS TALK said...

I'm sure Sen. Leahy, will keep to his word.

I caught a little part of the hearing today and the Dems are not playing around with this.