Monday, March 12, 2007


I dont know about most Americans, but I'm sure tired of the same old song by both Republicans and Democrats.

If there's any average American, you know the one that works from pay check to pay check...out there that feels that any of the candidates in the Republican party are worth their vote, then that person has lost his or her mind.

Name one thing that the Republican party has done for the average American?

I sure could name the things that they have went against, that was for our best interest.

Evangelical Christians, you should know this already. This President, your Church Leaders and the Republican party saw you coming. They've played upon you for votes, money and fed you a bunch of lies all in the name of Religion and Morals.

Then we have the Democrats, the party that promise the world, but when we Americans needed a voice most, they sit back in fear and voted with this President to send our men and women to a war that was made up on lies.

We wanted a Congress that would put a stop to the madness, but they tremble in fear of being called responsible for losing this war if they cut funds or stop the troop surge. Where's the Democrats heart, where's the Democrats backbone?

Where's an Indepedent?


Political Realm said...

What, Joe Lieberman isn't cutting it for you?

LETS TALK said...

I've never supported Lieberman, he's to much for this war and the Republican's logic for said mistake.

At one point I thought that he would be part of Bush's Administration.

Our Republican President unlike former President Clinton, only enlist people from his party who has done favors for him, Cheney, his father, and other members of his select group.

The Correct View said...

Greetings to LETS TALK,
I am trying to seek where the Independent voice with any real power can be found. I was a Libertarian myself, and have since wondered if they are not also going off the deep end. I disliked Badnarik very much. I am hoping he does not run again.
If enough of us push for it, we can atleast tilt the two major parties towards a more constitutional stand. Look at all the tax talk sparked by the Perot (who would have maybe done it had he NOT QUIT!) and Harry Browne. We can move the mountain...but we are so divided I really think with dread we have mave Mrs. Clinton in office and we will be doomed.
Please see and comment. Thanks.
Samuel Di Gangi

LETS TALK said...
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LETS TALK said...

Thanks for stopping by Sam.

I paid your site visit and left a comment.

4HisChurch said...

I'm a Republican, but I'm beginning to agree with the sentiment expressed in your post. I think the Republican party knows that, in many ways, it has the "religious" vote and acts accordingly. I don't honestly know what the alternative is, at this point, personally.

LETS TALK said...

Thanks for stopping by 4hc, like you, "I don't honestly know what the alternative is, at this point, personally."
On one hand we have the Republicans doing as they wish, without any regards to what's best for the American people.
Then we have the Democrats saying everything the American people want to hear, but doing nothing but haveing hearings, that amount to nothing.