Monday, August 14, 2006


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I would like to believe that every man and woman on this earth has some type of morals and if not, I know that GOD will deal with that.

I just can't see how just 7 years ago every Evangelical Christian, Republican and Neocon was talking about how former President Clinton lacked morals and how America needed a person in the White House with those qualities.

Well now that we have a Republican in office and a majority House and Senate, my question is where's the morals of these people?

I'm not GOD, so I'm not going to condemn anyone, but there seems to be a decay in this President morals, that's if he had any in the first place.

We always hear this man say, the war in Iraq is a war on terror. Now who can still say that he is right?

I don't believe anyone in this Administration, House or Senate seems to be honest and frank with the American People and I don't think they have our best interest at heart.

Did you know that former President Bush is The man who originally recruited Hussein as an American ally. He thought Hussein would go against the Islamic fundamentalism of Iran and he did.

Our President has yet to give us the truth and moral reasons as to why we went to war with Iraq. Don't that bother you America?

We have lost over 2,600 Americans, 19,000 have been injured and we have given away over $320 billion for Bush lies.

Where's the morals when Bush and his Administraion, the House and the Senate cut funds that would help Americans who are less fortunate, because he has us in a wasteful mess in Iraq.

Where's the morals when he tells us that we fight them over their, so that we don't have to fight them over here. Our so called Homeland security is being underfunded and short changed by the Iraq war.

This President tells us that all Americans must do their part, then he gives tax breaks to the rich. $285 billion over five years, not including an expected extension of the Alternative Minimum Tax - would more than negate the savings from cuts to domestic programs, which largely benefit low- and middle-income Americans.

Just last Month the House passed a bill that would give a death tax to the rich. This was done on the back of a minimum wage increase for the average American and Bush supported this. Where's the morals ?

Where's the morals when the Bush administration eased rules on reporting legal toxin releases which has compromised the public's right to know about possible health risks in their neighborhoods.

Where's the morals when Bush's EPA was to busy to set toxic air pollution standards for literally dozens of industries, including manufacturers of plastics, paints, chemicals and pesticides. It seems that they were to busy cutting deals with the polluters.

Bush told us that he didn't know how bad Hurrcane Katrina would be, then we find out In the 48 hours before Hurricane Katrina hit, the White House received detailed warnings about the storm's likely impact, including eerily prescient predictions of breached levees, massive flooding, and major losses of life and property, documents show. Where's the morals?

Any time people oppose this man and his administration, they are destroyed by Fox News, Talk Radio, his Administration and the Republican party, just look at how they destroyed Valerie Plame just because President Bush directed Cheney to counter what former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson had said about the war in Iraq and yellowcake.

Now do you really think that former President Clinton morals were worse than the President we have in office now?



Jill said...

NO! I liked Clinton. He at least balanced the budget. His "moraliztic" downfall was personal and didnot hurt anyone. I have never like GWB. For some strange reason, I just never trusted him, even as TX Gov. Then again, why would anyone trust anyone in Washington. This congress should be ashamed of itself. I just wonder where we will all end up. Let's face it, Bush runs this country as his personal property, or a dictatorship.

LETS TALK said...

How true are your words Jill. This President, his Administration, this House and Senate should be ashamed.

I think their minds are on money, the rich and big business.

As long as Republicans keep going out voteing for them and not looking at what a mess they are causing this country, we are going to continue where ever their greed takes us.

It's just sad to say this, but right now America is Bush's personal property. He can do as he please with no one to object because remember the House and Senate are run by his Republican party.

When you can spy on your citizens and everyone knows it, when you can listen to their phone conversations and everyone knows it, when you can continuely lie to your citizens and everyone knows it.

You have a dictatorship, because no one can or will do anything about it.

Westbrook said...

The best part of what you said is that Bush does all of the evil under the disguise of a fundamental Christian and because of that so many Christians follow blindly. He has taken people's religion and this country's Constitution and retaught people what it means. He has taken the Bible and the Constitution and rewritten what it says so that he can use it against the citizens of this country.