Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Remember Alaska's "bridge to nowhere"? It's about to be topped by what critics call Mississippi's "railroad to nowhere," which is quickly becoming the poster child for excessive spending by the Republican-controlled Congress. Lets Talk!

Republicans for what ever reason voted the biggest crooks into our House and Senate, looking for men with morals, honesty, men ready to cut government spending, and most of all men who would reverse Roe v Wade with their votes.

What all Americans got for this right wing ideal and contract with America is a lot of rhetoric and alot of hurt for a country that has been through so much these last six (6), years.

The Republicans project, which was added to a $106.5 billion emergency defense spending bill in the Senate, would relocate a Gulf Coast rail line inland, to higher ground. Never mind that the hurricane-battered line was just repaired at a cost of at least $250 million, or that at $700 million, the project championed by Mississippi's two US senators is being called the largest "earmark" ever.

Sen. Trent Lott is alive and well in Mississippi, critics say that the inland rail line would open land for developers to turn Mississippi's struggling Gulf Coast into Las Vegas South - and that emergency federal spending shouldn't pay for it, especially when Washington is on track to spend $371 billion into the red.

Enough is enough, just this morning on NBC’s Today Show, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson said he "understand[s]" consumers frustration with high gas prices and the news that Lee Raymond, Exxon’s former CEO, received a $400 million compensation package. But he noted that Raymond’s high retirement package wasn’t Exxon’s fault — it was determined by an independent group.

I will not bring up you know who's name today, except to say flip flop all over this problem. Help us LORD.

If you click on the icon to your left you can watch what was posted on today about what actually went on with Rex Tillerson on NBC.

Then once again in Mississippi, senators beat back attempts Tuesday to strip an emergency hurricane relief bill of money for Northrop Grumman's operations in Pascagoula and for a new Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport.

Mississippi victims including Sen. Lott are fighting with their own insurance companies, but the Senate decided that taxpayers should pick up the tab for insured losses for this major defense giant. Isn't this company issured and will be paid or reimbursed by their own insurance company?

Look at the type of people you have put in office to run this country, the men and women, who are suppose to look out for our well being. Some looking out.


PresidenToor said...


On one hand I would say you are completly insane...just by the verbose you use.

On the other hand I completly understand your frustration.

And if I had a third hand, it would go to doing something about that frustration.

Sadly I don't have a third hand (nor do I want one), but in all serious-ness America at large just doesn't get it. They may think politics is screwed up...but there is not a single soul who will stand up on a stage or behind a lecturn and say congress is screwed up. Being that there is no soul, people will go on thinking what they do, like you yourself, and the world will keep spinning (for the time being).

Because the type of world you want requires, a revoloution of sorts...and aparently (by no will of mine) we just don't do those sorts of things anymore.

LETS TALK said...

presidentoor, you say that I'm insane just by the verbose I use.
What would you call the post "I feel down?"

I have five books of the Zohar and when first purchased, I thought maybe they were to verbose.

After reading the first two books, I found that the many words that was written, were used very effectively and done so to prove a point.

After I finised the five books of the Zohor, I found myself starting all over again just to get the point of the Ruoach.

My frustration, is that America is the greatest country in the world and we are letting this President, his administration, our House and Senate and the conservative party run this country into the ground, for the sake of the rich, the oil companies, and the big corporations.

I pray that we as Americans in November, will do something about the frustration.

Every day people are talking about how politics and politicians are screwed up, so I don't follow you there. Just check out C-span sometimes.

A revolution is not required to have the type of country we can be. A vote in the right direction in November is all that is needed.

soxwatch said...

Raymond's payout might seem excessive but careful analysis of the numbers show that oil industry executives have received gusher pay packets. It's not coincidental this is happening at a time when people are paying record prices at the fuel pump. For more analysis of how the oil industry its executives, read:

iiq374 said...

Our situation in New Zealand is similar with respect to soaring petrol prices - however over here the analysis really doesnt show any price gouging.

As BP's cheif executive pointed out over here after they released a "bumper" $138 million profit (for NZ operations) - this is only double what our rugby union makes in profit.

If a company selling a necessary daily commodity can only make twice that of an organisation selling Rugby tickets and licensing rugby jersey colors who is price gouging?

LETS TALK said...

Even though the oil companies say that they are looking out for their stock investors, they seem to be looking out for the head of the company.
Bush has given them the option to profit just like the Enrons, the company looks out for the CEO and look the other way for consumers and investors.
The consumer is just the money givers for said companies and their CEO's.
Nothing will change unless we stop given companies the right to go under finacial record with the excess on returns and the way they over blown their returns for the good or pay for the CEO.

iiq374 said...

I think the column you referred me to: is quite pertinent - especially in the way that it brings up the use of options in CEO's pay. What isn't broken out in the column is what portion of the CEO's pay is in the form of cash / actual expense, as opposed to options / shares / accounting expense.
It is probably worth knowing that it isnt even GAAP in New Zealand for options to be accounted for as an expense...

iiq374 said...

Also shareholders get to decide on the renumeration that is paid to the board - unlike the other members of the organisation. Of course it is difficult for a small shareholder to feel like they are heard in such matters - but they frequently have a greater percentage say than in a general election...

LETS TALK said...

I concur, but this is what I mean.
No one should look at the Oil company for given, sharing or saying that they are not in to make a profit for the CEO/as you say larger shareholders, and when Tillerson was asked the question on NBC as to given the consumers a break at the pumps.
What should have been asked was give up half of the millions that you will make this year or pay yourself from what the company profits really dictate.
By doing so the shareholders would be happy, including the general sharholders and the consumers would see a break at the pumps maybe.
As stated by soxwatch, this is nothing new and has been and will continue to go on and there's nothing no one can do about it. Well maybe the stockholders could.