Sunday, May 14, 2006


First I would like to say Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers.

I'm some what confused, and angry these days. First because on this Mothers Day, we will celebrate our Mothers and I thank God that my Mother is still here.

On this day a lot of men and women, including mothers, are in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I wonder how they feel at this point.

On a lot of sites you always here how they, the service men and women volunteered and that's why they are in Iraq or Afghanistan. As if they should have nothing to say about being there, because they knew what might happen when they joined, so they have no voice.

What a bunch of mess that is, when most of the people that feel that way, will never have or don't have what it takes to walk a mile in those people shoes, and they might not even have family members their.

I just don't understand how we can say that we are for America and allow our country to be run into the ground because we believe in a party, or a man who just don't care about the average American, can't anyone see that?

I'm not saying that I'm trying to over throw anything or anybody, but when I use my cell phone or my home phone I do expect some type of privacy.

We don't get into the Presidents personal life with his kids, and he should not get into our personal life with what we say on our phones, or our email for the sake of terrorism.

How can our gorvernment compile information on our kids, who are in school and place that information on a computer. What is the purpose?

For years we as average workers have put up with a minimum wage while watching our House, and Senate give themselves a raise every year. Then we as party loyalist vote them into office time and time again, when they do nothing to help solve the wage problems the oil problems, and the unfair tax problems, while we watch them help themselves and big business all the time.

I'll stop now, because I should feel much better than what I do, because I am blessed and just say good luck and Happy Mothers Day!

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