Saturday, May 13, 2006


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According to abc news Russell Tice, a longtime insider at the National Security Agency is the whistleblower that President Bush and others are looking for.

The same day The New York Times broke the story of the NSA eavesdropping without warrants, Tice surfaced as a whistleblower in the agency. He told ABC News that he was a source for the Times reporters. But Tice maintains that his conscience is clear.

There might be a problem with Tice credibility, the NSA revoked Tice's security clearance in May of last year based on what it called psychological concerns and later dismissed him. Tice calls that bunk and says that's the way the NSA deals with troublemakers and whistleblowers.

He is prepared to tell Congress all he knows about the alleged wrongdoing in these programs run by the Defense Department and the NSA in the post-9/11 efforts to go after terrorists. So lets wait and see if our Congress and Senate engage Mr. Tice.

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