Saturday, June 24, 2006


This is what we got from our House and Senate last week. They passed a bill to cut the estate tax for the rich and famous, while the wage increase for the have nots, just slip right on away.
I find this administration, this House and this Senate offensive to the American People, who voted these people into office for the best of this country, not for the best of the rich in this country.

When in the world will the Republican party wake up and see that this Administration, House and Senate, are not for us average folks, but for the very rich and well to do. Am I the only one to see this? Am I wrong?

What in God's name is going on, when a group of people continue to vote for a party that is clearly not for the average person, but for the rich. Wake up America, open your eye's, unstop your ears and please see and hear what this Administration, this Republican House and this Republican Senate has done to the average people in this country for the benefit for the rich.

Remember the federal minimum wage has been locked in at $5.15/hour for the past nine years. Only States with the mandate to do the right thing on their agenda, has raised the minimum wage. Our House and Senate has constantly raised their salaries every year right, to compensate for inflation. I guess to them it just dont matter when it comes to compensating for the average workers inflation.

I hear people argue that, small business can not stay in business or stay together, if we raise the minimum wage.

Well I'll just say that if a business can not stay afloat because of a better wage for the average worker, then that business shouldn't hire workers or maybe they shouldn't be in business at all. How can you go into business for yourself, but not be able to pay a decent salary to your employees?

What say you America?


Jill said...

My husband is considered self employed because he is contract and has to pay his own taxes instead of having them taken out by the employer. He had no employees. The self-employment taxes just about kill us every year. There is no such thing as profit. We just scrape by. So much for the administration being for small business!

LETS TALK said...

Jill, I'm with you all the way. The Dems are also to blame, even more so for the huge gap that your husband is presented with by paying his own taxes.
The statements made were not for this type small business, if it can be called that.