Wednesday, June 28, 2006


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Delay: It's not politics; This is war.

Matthews: It's not politics?

Delay: The American people understand the real war...

Matthews: You don't think Karl Rove is behind this and saying, "Hey put in more fire, shoot'em again, keep this going a couple of weeks"?

Delay: Absolutely not. This is war. The New York Times has undermined our national security and there ought to be consequences. It has nothing to do with politics.

Matthews: So you're against leaking?

Delay: Yes, I'm against leaking.

Matthews: All leaking by the administration. So even this thing with the CIA agent shouldn't have been leaked?

Delay: Absolutely not.

Matthews: So guys like Rove shouldn't have been talking to the papers... and people like Scooter Libby shouldn't have been talking;... I'm asking you.

Delay: I'm not gonna... I'm not a [???]; I'm not a judge.

Matthews: You said you were against leaking

Delay: You said something that Karl Rove is not being commited of, convicted of...

Matthews: He never denied it, and nobody is going to contest it. It's public record that he leaked.

Delay: It's just you saying that he is guilty.

Matthews: I am not saying it's a crime. I'm saying he leaked.

Delay: How do you know he leaked?

Matthews: Because it's the public record now that he leaked (laughs in frustration)! That doesn't bother you?

Delay: No! Leaking national security secrets at a time of war is outrageous and shouldn't be done.

Matthews: But not the identity of a CIA agent?

Delay: We can spend an hour on that. Valerie Plame was not a CIA agent.

Matthews: What was she?

Delay: (dismissively) She was behind a desk over at Langley.

Matthews: But was her classification undercover? She deep background?

Delay: Yes, but she was not an out-in-the field CIA agent, and that's what the law is all about

What a bunch of crap from a party that has put this country in the shape that it's in now.

We have a President that see fault in a paper that talks about SWIFT, which everyone already knows about, a President who gives the green light for his Administration to go after Valerie Plame.


Jill said...

To para-phrase the Dixie Chicks, I'm ashamed that DeLay is from Texas. I hope he's happy in Virginia. At least he'll from (far from) here!

LETS TALK said...

We just can't seem to get this guy out of politics no matter what!