Saturday, March 08, 2008

Will Hillary Clinton Say Or Do Anything To Become President?

Olbermann made some very serious charges against Hillary Clinton in reference to the Nafta Criticism and just what she did or did not do during the Ohio and Texas champagne.

America knows what happens when a President keeps secrets and do not tell the people the truth about things. We do not need someone else with this type of personality.

What really went on with Hillary Clinton and Obama in Canada and NAFTA? See NAFTA

It seems that Sen. Clinton has told America that only she and McCain had the experience to be President. Just what is it that she is saying?

I walk away thinking that Hillary is saying, if she is not the nominee for the Democratic party, then McCain is the logical person to be President.

What say you?

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Distributorcap said...

not only did she that about McCain once -- she said it several times --

i am gonna hate voting for her if i have to --- and i will spend 4 years regretting it

this win at all costs policy -- straight out of the Lee Atwater/Karl Rove playbook is nauseating and going to split the party apart.

why does Hillary clinton hate america?

PoliShifter said...

Hillary is playing for 2012.

If she can't be President then she neither can Obama, or at least that is her thinking.

She has already made herself unelectable.

She has based her entire campaign on so-called experience.

Thus, if she manages to steal the election and become the nominee, by her own logic, McCain is more qualified to be Commander in Chief than she is.

McCain has the perfect ad: the video of Hillary praising McCain saying his experience qualfies him to be President.

Hillary is putting herself before the Democratic Party and the Country.

LET'S TALK said...

You are so right distributorcap, she did say this several times! This is hitting below the belt.

LET'S TALK said...

PoliShifter, that is really a great post on this same subject you have at your post. I hope that others read it as well.

I agree, she has given McCain the perfect ad if she's not the nominee!

Emmanuel said...

we all know that the whole msnbc network is biased against sen clinton, i make it a point not to even listen to them anymore, and i hate to say it but fox news, is more fair then msnbc, so msnbc can say what they want, but we know they are all pandering to and the far left wing of the democratic party.

LET'S TALK said...

Emmanuel, regardless to how you feel about MSNBC. That still dosen't take away the fact that Hillary is saying just what PoliShifter has stated very well.

I don't know if you saw his post on the same story, I sure which that you take the time and read it.

Also another site I recommend is 1138. He has a great post on the late Molly Ivins and what she thought about Hillary.

I know that you support Hillary. I myself dose not support either but I know dirt and lies when I see it. Bush has done enough of that.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I have a post coming soon about this subject and the Cow, but I think there's something we all must realize. The Democratic Party, while retaining it's title, retained none of it beliefs over the last decade. The sad, but honest truth is, The Democratic Party is now the left wing of the Republican Party.

That's been proven in the House, in the Senate, and all Democratic candidates in this primary, at the outset, tried to "out religious" each other. That's not what I remember a Democrat being, a couple of decades ago.

LET'S TALK said...

The Future Was Yesterday, I'll be watching for said post.

Right now the Democratic party is on the verge of loosing to McCain if Hillary don't get herself together.

She's not the party and at this point she's not running things. She's a candidate as is Obama.

If she is not the nominee, she has gave notice that McCain is the logical person next to her to be President.

JollyRoger said...

Hill can't stop Barack, by all appearances, and her words will surely be used in upcoming McCavein ads.

The thing that will need to be done in the upcoming months is to get the Hill-bots to the polls to vote for Barack. There is now so much animosity that it may well be a hat trick to get it done.

LET'S TALK said...

You are so right JollyRoger the animosity is certainly there.

Tom Harper said...

Strange bedfellows. The rightwing spewbags are pushing for Hillary because they hate McCain so much; and Hillary is paving the way for McCain to win if she doesn't get the nomination.

To answer your question: Yes, Hillary will say or do anything to become president.

LET'S TALK said...

You are so right Tom, Hillary acts as if the Democratic party and this race belongs to her and if she's not the nominee than she will be with McCain.

PoliShifter said...

LOL emmanuel...

have you watched MSNBC in the past couple weeks? If so, you would see that Hillary successfully browbeat them into pimping her talking points.

But, I agree, Fox News is a waaay better fit for Hillary Clinton. After all, she is Republican Lite.

Hillary McClieberman

Or is that Hillary McClain?

S.W. Anderson said...

I was on the fence until last week. Hillary Clinton went too far. The praise for McCain was way out of line. Her whole approach smacks of "It's me or let McCain win it, so I can come back and try again in 2012."

I don't hate Clinton, nor will I underestimate her intelligence and determination. She's got grit and fight, both of which will be important for the Democratic candidate to have in the fall.

I do think Clinton has gotten a lot of lousy say-anything, try anything advice from campaign strategists who ought to be creating Active-On commercials, not steering a presidential candidate.

If Clinton wins the nomination, which seems unlikely, I will vote for her and support her. Yes, she leaves some things to be desired. But make no mistake, four years of her would be about 1,000 percent better than a third Bush term, which is what's in store if McCain wins.

As of now, I'm firmly in Barack Obama's camp, although I want to see him do better defending himself and slapping back than he did with the NAFTA/Canadians brouhaha.

LET'S TALK said...

PoliShifter you are correct about how Hillary has changed the way MSNAC and othe MSM deals with her and what she is actually doing out in the world.

LET'S TALK said...

I was on the fence as well S.W. Anderson and I will vote for whomever wins the Democratic nomination.

1138 said...

I was on the fence until South Carolina, or was it Nevada - it all seems so long ago now.
I am so far off the fence now that I can tell everyone here that I will not vote for a ticket with a Clinton on it. Will I vote for a Republican?
That all depends on how much harder Hillary works at convincing myself and the rest of the country that McCain is actually a better choice than she or Obama are.
Every time the phone rings now, I'm reminded that *damn* I can't trust a Democrat to keep me safe.
Every time I see a kid a sleep I start worrying that Hillary would have to gather an entire village before she could act.
Every time I see a young black man man in line at the check out I have to rush up and tell him to let all the older white ladies get ahead of him because although he might appear to have been in line first, they've all been waiting longer and NEED to see them selves get groceries before they checkout.

Honest folks, the Democratic party is on the verge of a permanent schism - not to worry though the Republican party really isn't in any better shape.
Don't expect Obama to win Pennsylvania the level of racism there will over ride everything else.
It's time to take the country back and that means elimination of career politicians. b

LET'S TALK said...

That was a great post that you made about Molly, 1138. I don't like what Hillary is doing but I will or must go with whomever gets the nod for the Democratic party.

S.W. Anderson said...

"It's time to take the country back and that means elimination of career politicians."

I'm not sure I want to know what is meant by "elimination," but whatever it is this strikes me as an oversimplified response to what ails the country.

Thinking back, it occurs to me Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt qualify as career politicians. So did Mike Mansfield, Pat Moynihan, Gerald Ford and many others. They were all exceptionally good people. America would've been greatly diminished without their public service. That is, if America was still in existence.

I have to question the wisdom, in dangerous times, of being governed by a full slate of amateurs. It's as easy as it is foolish to dismiss out of hand the years of specialized budget expertise Sen. Kent Conrad has built up, or the energy knowledge and connections of Sen. Pete Domenici.

Likewise, Rep. John Murtha is every bit as knowledgeable about, and as good a supporter of, the military as is Sen. John Warner. Try replacing them with green-as-grass rookies and see how many generals, admirals and veterans groups salute you for doing that.

If you really want to do something to improve the quality of governance, I suggest you instead support financing elections exclusively with public funds, making it illegal for lobbyists to write legislation and for the honorables of Congress to submit lobbyist-written legislation. Those reforms won't fix everything that's wrong, but they're a more sensible way to start.

LET'S TALK said...

Great points S.W. and may I just add. I hope America don't allow Hillary to change the rules that she's trying so hard to do at this point right now.

TomCat said...

LT, much of what I might have said has been said already, but from the perspective of someone still on the fence, I have to admit that the ethics from the Clinton campaign of late have been deplorable. So I think the answer to your question is 'Yes'.

two crows said...

from what I'm seeing and reading, Hillary sounds like the jilted lover who says, 'if I can't have you no one can!' and shoots her former lover [the American people].

BOTH candidates seem to be conspiring to hand the election to McCain.

LET'S TALK said...

I agree with you TomCat, I'm still waiting to hear your post on this subject....When???

LET'S TALK said...

two crows, I'm getting sick of the way this race is going. I'm tired of hearing negative points.