Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Site

Above is a copy of my new site called, Let's Talk God and yes it is a Religious site.

What I really need is the help for this site, Let's Talk. As you can see, I've changed templates because I was planning to use the old template on my new site at some point.

The help I need is, anyone with a browser other than IE7. Can you please inform me of any parts of this template that's not correct, such as sidebar not being on the left side or being at the bottom of the template.

Thanks in advance!

Let me Thank Floyd, over at within reason for this nice template. The site for said templates is called Blogcrowds, feel free to look over the different templates at the site, you might find one that you like. They are free!


Floyd said...

template looks good in firefox let's talk, this is the one template I ran a long time, you can increase the font if you want just go in edit html and you will see. The template looks good, this one was a favorite of mine I would like to have it in 3 columns.

Candace said...

Ooh, I like this one a lot!
Looks great in Firefox.

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Larry!

The template looks great! I like it because it gives more room on the sidebar.

Just one you really need the word verification? I haven't had it before and never ran into any problems. Have you had trouble before?

I agree with floyd, you might want to increase the font size for the old chics like me. ;-)

I can't wait to check out your religion site!

Mary Ellen said...

Hi candace! Looks like you were typing away the same time I was!

I forgot to mention, I have Firefox, too.

Lizzy said...

Looks great in Firefox and Safari!

Mine, however, looks like crap on those browsers for some reason.

FranIAm said...

Firefox and Safari - good!

Love the new look, very clean and easy to read.

Anonymous said...

It works fine in Opera and K-Meleon, and loaded fine in Lynx, so I think you've got all the bases covered.

(I've got links to alternative browsers at the bottom of my sidebar, if you want to try any of them. K-Meleon is sort of a stripped-down version of FireFox that loads pages like a rocket, and Lynx is a text-only browser.)

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

I guess I'm the oddball. I have IE7 and you were interested in those having a browser other than IE7, but I'll put in my two cents anyway.

Column two is VERY WIDE (> two inches) and the title "Let's Talk" is way over on the right side of the screen.

Other than that, I agree that the font should be bigger.

Parson said...

On IE 6 the side bar is too thin, but everything does look great on FireFox. Thanks for the links to the sites with other templates, I've been trying to find a different template for my blog.

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks everyone and I'm trying to correct as many problems that you all are so great to bring to my attention. Yes Mary Ellen, I'm trying to make those texts larger for myself as well. I'm an old hawk, with very bad eyes of late.

fold I haven't found the edit html anywhere as of yet, but I'm looking. I might just improvise and add a font size for text.

candace, Mary Ellen, Lizzy, and franiam, thanks for the firefox and Safari browsers.

Lizzy I see no problem with your site, but if YOU, which matters most, are not satisfied. Please go to the site given to me by floyd, you might find a site, including this one that you might like. There's no rule that we can't have the same template!

I've removed the word Verification from the comment section Marry Ellen.

Thomaslb, you are a life saver, thanks for the different browsers. If anyone care to take a trip to Thomaslb site to retrieve some of those browsers please do so and Thomas I loved the e. e. cummings poem.

ThanKwee-Anajo, you are no oddball in any way! Your two cents made me move the title to the center of the site. I haven't forgot about the columned two, being very wide.

Parson , I'm also working on the thin sidebar. I guess when I get the content together, the sidebar will be done as well (when I make a change there also). Once again, I am taking my hat off to floyd and the template link that he provided. Thanks again floyd and thanks to all of you wonderful bloggers for coming to my rescue and giving your time and opinions about the template. I hope to have it corrected soon, so please be patient.

Andy said...

Hey, new look! Apparently I haven't been by in a while. Looks good and I'll be checking out that new site too.

LET'S TALK said...

Thanks Andy and come on over to the new site.