Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Country Under Siege

Reid said today, “Because Republicans continue to block votes on important amendments to the Defense Authorization bill, we can make no further progress on Iraq and this bill at this time.

For these reasons, I have temporarily laid aside the Defense Authorization bill and have entered a motion to reconsider.

But let me be clear to my Republican colleagues — I emphasize the word “temporarily”. We will do everything in our power to change course in Iraq. We will do everything in our power to complete consideration of a Defense Authorization bill. We must do both.

Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) raced to the television cameras this afternoon to offer hyperbolic attacks against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, following Reid’s decision to pull the entire Defense Authorization bill from consideration. McCain and Kyl were quick to dishonestly politicize Reid’s maneuver, after obstructing passage of the bill over opposition to an Iraq redeployment amendment.

The Republicans have under minded legislation to support the troops, not allowing anything to be done about the troops, and stalled the bill to fund Walter Reed.

Remember the Neaclear Option, April 26, 2005, "GOP leaders are threatening a rule change to prohibit the use of filibusters to block judicial nominees and have stepped up their criticism of the Democrats for using the tactic on some of Bush's nominees to the federal appellate courts. They say they are prepared to invoke what has become known as the "nuclear option" to ensure that Bush's nominees receive an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor."

How can the Republicans cry wolf when they are in charge of the Senate, but fine it OK, when they are no longer in charge?

When did we hand control of this country to the Republicans and why did we give this country to President Bush?


Mentarch said...

"When did we hand control of this country to the Republicans and why did we give this country to President Bush?"

That *is* the multi-trillion dollar question, isn't it?

As I am fond of saying: mea culpa, mea culpa, vox populi ...

LET'S TALK said...

Well mentarch most folks now think that we have allowed this President to dictate to our House and Senate, when we really had a chance to take over them both.

I guess it want happen until we come together with the motivation to get the job done in the Senate this time. Making sure that in 08 we as a country gets rid of the rats.

Leo said...

Well, the cynic in me sometimes thinks, "this country has gotten the government it deserves". After all, an awful lot of Americans voted for Bush and his fellow congressional sycophants in both 2000 and 2004. I especially have trouble forgiving or understanding how anyone could be oblivious enough to vote for Bush again in 2004!! It made me lose an awful lot of respect for the overall intelligence of the American public. Unfortunately, the whole country continues to pay a very high price for, some voters mistakes.

LET'S TALK said...

You right Leo, but remember we have Americans trying to tell us how to live, who to love and what to watch on television.

We are not that bright shining country that we dream or think we are.

Just as other countries see us as trying to run or over throw their government, we Americans with our Evangelicals and neocon, conservatives, just continue to try to tell the left and right how to live.

Larry said...

It's like the people are sheep who have a couple of sheep dogs in the pasture, prodding us along the way the sheepherder wahts to go.

LET'S TALK said...

We are the sheep without a sheep dog , without protection or concern for us. Just a lad that continuously cry wolf and let us scatter.

proudprogressive said...

We gotta remember the Contract ON America. This power grab has had the groundwork layed down for decades for this cross roads we are at. I tend not to blame the populace all that much. I think we had a coup in 2000. Now we have a packed supreme court. We also seem to have potential oppostiton power players in the congress, paid off ! So now the hope is that the dems, realize that the will of the majority IS in fact behind them and they will continue to use every tool available to them OVER and OVER again till finally the population sees the folly of the "Unitary Excutive" theory and the antics of the lying lier Republicans. Its going to be a slow process. Actually i see we are virtually a one party system. Big Business runs the show. Hypocricy is rampant and double standards.
Eventually - the truth will out. Some true patriotic politicians will grab the reins and bring back our constitutional checks and balances..And we will raise our voices daily to encourage them to do so. Its clear to those who watch the rethugs can dish it out , but they sure cannot take their own medicine. And its really sad so many people are just tuned out to the political intricacies of these antics. The antics are toxic, one almost cannot blame them - but we ignore the government at our own peril - their agenda is not good for this country at all. Lets hope Reid, and the House,flex the power of the purse with the Defense Auth Bill. It is the only way the Iraqi Occupation will be curtailed.

I got a shot of hope yesterday - the Education Access Act - now thats the kind of family values this country needs. A great bill that would make college attainable,and most importantly reel in the high price of student loans. Requiring payback to never be more then 15% of a persons income, and rewarding public service in all areas.

proudprogressive said...

And one more thing - lets not forget
WE the people still have no solid garentee nor confidence that our votes are counted correctly. The rethugs truly have savaged our system of government. Its looking quite fascist to me. As Stalin said , "its not who votes, but who counts the votes,that has the power"

FunkyTown Fighter said...

The country is definately paying for the MISTAKE voters made in 2004!!!! As for Shrub & Co. they could care less about the troops or their families, funny how they like to jump on tv though and act concerned isn't it? I would just love to knock the shit out of them when they do that, it pisses me off to no end!!! Bastards!

DivaJood said...

This began with Nixon, really. This has not happened overnight.

kip152 said...

No. Wrong.
WE didn't give this country to Bush. Jeb did in 2000, and Diebold did in 2004.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Exactly! The NeoCons highjacked this country with voter fraud!

LET'S TALK said...

proudprogressive: It will be a slow process, that has started and will be pronounced this September and during the time for a new Defense Auth Bill.

I see where the Democrats are already getting in gear to let this President know that they now understand the will of the people and the Defense Auth Bill will not get back to him as we would want unless the withdrawal of troops from Iraq is apart of it.

It hurt me when I think of how the Republicans and this President agreed to Education bills that actually helped the lender big time and brought sorrow on the Students who wished to attend College.

"The rethugs truly have savaged our system of government. It's looking quite fascist to me."

It looks that way to me also.

FunkyTown Fighter: Let me say that I love how you can express yourself. I agree this country really made a mess of things by putting this man in Office a for a second term.

We are paying for it every minute of the day. As for how he feels about our troops, well just look at the amount of time spent in combat and the amount of time at home, on a break from the war.

There was no plan for this war or out troops, there is not enough body armor, not enough Armor for the vehicles, and the list can goes on and on.

I also concur with your last statement as well.

LET'S TALK said...

DivaJood: No it didn't happen over night.

kip152: You might have a point there.

Suzie-Q (S-Q): It's now looking as if they did, not to mention with other things as well.